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Anoush Ella

Monday 7 February 2005 2:00am to 6:30am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Abba   Gimme Gimme Gimme Voulez Vous
Goudron   Machina Mundi Raw Voltage
Soft Pink Truth, the   Out of Step Do You Want New Wave or Do You
Ladytron   Turn It on Light & Magic
Lesbians on Ecstacy   Queens on Noise (Bring Da Bu S/T
Glass Candy   Nueva Version/Remodelada Bicicleta Emocional
Le Flange Du Mal   ? S/T
Rapture, the   Sister Saviour (Dfa Dub) [coll]: Dfa Compilation #2
Miss Kittin & the Hacker   L'homme Dans L'ombre First Album
M83   Lower Your Eyelids to Die... Before the Dawn Heals Us
Borful Tang   Qulfus Meets Borful Tang... Destroyer, the
Der Blutharsch   Time Is Thee Enemy Xii Time Is Thee Enemy
Crisis   Red Brigades We Are All Jews & Germans
Beequeen   Black Eyed Dog Bodyshop, the
Merzbow   Black Swan Merzbird
Muslimgauze   Zibib Syrinjia
Crowley, Aleister   Hymn to the American People Great Beast Speaks, the
Moore, Alan W/ David J, Perkin   This Present Moment 18.11.95 Birth Caul, the
Hafler Trio, the   Kisses with Both Hands...... Kisses with Both Hands From...
Isolrubin Bk   Cranio-Facial Absorption: Mu Crash Injury Trauma
Air + Baricco   Bird City Reading
Nurse with Wound   V Soliloquy for Lilith
Recoil   Black Box (Pt. 2) Liquid
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Clou   22 Amara Tanta Tyri
Caspar   Butterfly Chants of Change
Arkkon and Membranoids   Sea of Memory [coll]: Ditch Avangarda
Parkins, Zeena/Mori, Ikue   Jezebel Phantom Orchard
Disjecta   True Love By Normal True Love By Normal
Lindstron, Mats/Runolf, Soren   From Each According to His.. [coll]: Constellations: Sweden
Corner, Philip   Composition W/ or W/O Beverl More From the Judson Years..
Aube   Phase Bronze Oblique Triad Thread