Dustin Lungs

Sunday 17 December 1995 2:00am to 7:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sister Machine Gun   Industrial Stomp Wired/Lung
Digital Poodle   Work Terminal Soul Crush
X Marks the Pedwalk   Repulsion Human Desolation
Xorcist   Crack Damned Souls
Haujobb   Perfect Average Freeze Frame Reality
Divination   Tangier Space Draft Akasha
Escape 3   Atmosphere Processor [coll]: Ambiento
Brian Jonestown Massacre   Wisdom Methadrone
Young Fresh Fellows   Mr. Anthony's Last Doc Sharpie Is a Bad Man
Bore, Sergio   Adivinhacoa Tambores Urbanos
Light, Enoch   Dearly Beloved Brazil Persuavive Percussion
Light, Enoch   Blues in the Night Provactive Percussion
Suka   Full Fathom Siz Nimrodiabolique
White Heaven   Fallin' Stars End Out
Bevis Frond   House of Mountains Superseeder
High Rise   Monster a Go Go High Rise 2
Marble Sheep   Ultra Man Whirl Live
Mermen, the   Pull of the Moon [coll]: Humunga Cowabunga
Silverfish   Fuckin' Strange Way to Get a Organ Fan
High Back Chairs   Wild Of Two Minds
Silkworm   Into the Woods In the West
Sixteen Deluxe   Idea Backfeedmagnetbabe
Throw that Beat in the Garbage   Over & Over Cool Album, the
3D Picninc   Favorite Band Sunshine and Cockroaches
3D'S, the   Summer Stone Venus Trail, the
Lee, Ben   Pop Queen Grandpaw Would
Pooh Sticks, the   Desperado Great White Wonder, the
Husik, Lida   Mother Richard Joyride
Teresa   Side A,#5
Chinese-Unknown   #1
Shirley   #3
Wink   Merry X-Mas
Wink   #10 Voce