Thursday 25 July 1996 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Alpha Stone   Fall on Me Stereophonic Pop Art Music
Experimental Pop Band   James Remains Lounge Ep
Sleep Chamber   His Satanic Majesties Sonorous Invokations Ov Brian
Circle   Contact Zopalki
Supreme Dicks   Flaming Day of the Locusts Working Mans Dick
Sweat Pea   Rammedass Chicks Hate Wes
Charles Brown Superstar   Blockhead Summertime Ep
Frogs   Which One of You Gave... My Daughter the Broad
Bikini Kill   No Backrub Reject All American
Melt Banana   Iguana in Trouble Scratch or Stitch
Mocket   Mail Bomb Bionic Parts
Mean Spirit'd Robots   Honkey Dancer [coll]: Wheel Method, the
Ff   Little Boy Blue We're #1
Mad Professor   Gringo Dread Evolution of Dub/Black LIBDUB3
Glamorous Hooligan   New Age Pension Wasted Youth Club Classics
Iceburn Collective   Sphinx Meditavolutions
Mouse on Mars   Future Dub Vulvaland
Oval   Post Post Systemich
Spectrum   Undo the Taboo Undo the Taboo
Hanna-Barbera Cla (soundtrack)   The Banana Splits Adventure. Pic-A-Nic Basket Vol 2
Teenagers in Trouble   How Come You Don't Shit on M Vs. Fat Paul
Nurse with Wound   Yagga Blues (Instrumental) Yagga Blues
Third Eye Foundation   Next of Kin Semtex
Amp   Mathilda's Shorts Wave Sirenes
Holland/Skin/Tunnel   Seething Deluxe ______________________________
Crescent   Sun Sun/*/Unit System
Flying Saucer Attack   A Silent Tide "
Brainbombs   The Whore Genius & Brutality...
Whoridas, the   Shot Callin' & Big Ballin' Shot Callin' & Big Ballin'
Voodu   Two Deadly Sins "1 Life to LIVE"/"2 Deadly..."
Mayfield, Curtis   Stone Junkie Curtis/Live
Sonic Vibrations...Dissvelt/Ba   The Ray Makers Song of the Second Moon
Musee Mecanique   Crazy Rag ______________________________
Dub Narcotic Sound System   Super Dub Narcotic Boot Party
Tortoise   Djed-Bruise Blood Mix Unkle U.N.K.L.E. Remix of Djed
Dj Shadow/Chief Xcel   Fully Charged on Planet X "Hard Core(Inst.) Hip Hop"
Chemical   I Am You ______________________________
Land of the Loops   Multi-Family Garage Multi-Family Garage Sale
Fila Brazilia   Japanese Flute [coll]: Spaceways