Harry Cross

Tuesday 1 July 1997 2:00am to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Stone Roses   I Am the Ressurection Stone Roses
Irving Klaw Trio   Earn It Utek Pahtoo Mogoi
Lonesome Strangers, the   And It Hurts Land of Opportunity
Honor Role   Listening to Sally Album
Roy Nathanson (soundtrack)   First Girl Cue Camp Stories
Fetisch Park   Trost:Part 8 Sporen/Binumb
Roy Nathanson (soundtrack)   Dunking Waltz Camp Stories
Miss Murgatroid   The Man with the X-Ray Eyes Through Alien Empires
2 Foot Flame   Pipeline to Vertigo Ultra Drowning
Merzbow   Enter Track By Hand Akasha Gulva
Thirteen Ghosts/Bailey/Moore   The Dwarf Willow Legend of the Bold Yeti
Frank, Preston/Swallow Band   'tante Na-Na [coll]: 15 Louisiana Zydeco Cl
Violent Onshen Geisha   With Thurston Moore 9/27/95 U.S. Tour '95
Hollywood Persuaders   Drums a Go Go [coll]: Swing for a Crime
Things of Nownow   Tanzen Verboten Nownowism
Lake of Dracula   The Servo-Motor Lake of Dracula
Interplay   Descent Ii Cd Soundtrack Descent Ii
Cemment   P T S D [coll]: Painkiller
Blue Hearts   Dance Number
Blue Hearts   Linda, Linda
Machine Gun Tv, the   Rain Touch
Sunshine Super Scum   Vilage Church Two Reactions
Savage Aural Hotbed   Drowning in the City of Lake Pressure of Silence
Sonny Lister   Lullaby of Birdland [coll]: Take It Off Strip Clas
Roy Ellington   Three Handed Woman Goon Show Classics
Fountain, Pete   Sunset in Paradise New Orleans All Stars
Save Ferris   Superspy Introducing...
Galliano, Frederic   Nanqadef Maafric [coll]: La Yellow Collection
Orq. Melodias Del 40   El Mambo Me Priva! [coll]: El Mambo Me Priva!
T-Model Ford   Cu Tyou Loose Pee Wee Get My Gun
Thee Headcoats   Automatic Love Thief
Conan the Barbarian   Riders of Doom [coll]: Cinema Ch (soundtrack)
Lytton, Paul   Froggers Lament Balance of Trade, the
Transmission   I Want It Transmission
Tarnation   An Awful Shade of Blue Mirador
Dirty Old Man River   Nashville Mary Dirty Old Many River
Haskett, Chris/Finley, Brandon   Lucy in the Sky with Dog Foo Nonfiction
Klezmatics   Beggars Dance Posessed
Tom Lehrer   The Vatican Rag That Was the Year
Woggles   Something to Believe in Get Tough!
Jenny Piccolo   Left Behind Imformation Battle to Denounce
Jenny Piccolo   Bearing Holes Imformation Battle to Denounce
Jenny Piccolo   Sedate Imformation Battle to Denounce
Hentchmen   Chicks and Cars '97 Ten String Trio
Demolition Doll Rods   Motor City Dragway Tasty
Ashtabula   Way Too Fast River of Many Dead Fish
The Pogues   Fiesta If I Should Fall
Los Skarnales   Bomba 48 [coll]: Puro Eskanol Vol. 1
Kent 3, the   Amateur Motor Race Stories of the New West
Polecats, the   Rockabilly Guy Won't Die
Christal Methodists   Tower of Power Never Mind Nirvana...
U.S. Saucer   Sorry About Your Eye Hell Yes
Demonics, the   Life of Crime ______________________________
Velour Motel   Bandstand Wolcott
Odd Numbers, the   An Atom Bomb A Guide to Modern Living
Vss, the   In Miniature Nervous Circuits
Insomniacs, the   Sylvia Gray Out of It
Frantic Flattops, the   Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out Cheap Women Cheap Booze Cheap
Duster   Orbitron Transmission Flux