Harry Cross

Friday 11 July 1997 2:00am to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Stone Roses   I Am the Ressurection The Stone Roses
Los Albinos   Go Go Congo [coll]: Shake Your Congas
Irving Klaw Trio   Jizzo the Clown Utek Pahtoo Mogoi
Idiot Flesh   The Nothing Show Nothing Show, the
Thirteen Ghosts/Bailey/Moore   Spiral Bracts Legend of the Bold Yeti
Zoogz Rift   Contradictions Five Billion Pinheads Can't...
Hyman, Dick   Topless Dancers of Corfu Moog, the Electric Eclectics
Satelliters,The   She's Evil Mysterious Sounds From Outer..
Hungry Ghost   Man Ray Man Ray Sessions, the
U.S. Maple   Songs that Have no Making Ou Sang Phat Editor
Butch   Crumbles More [coll]: From the Land of Pl..
Stewart, John   Spirit of the Road Rough Sketches
Jenny Piccolo   Donation to the Deaf Imformation Battle to Denounce
Swans,The   The Beautiful Days Soundtracks for the Blind
Zip Code Rapists   Put the Bone in [coll]: Music for Swingers
Spikedrivers   Creekside Better Weather
Skip Bifferty   When She Comes to Stay Skip Bifferty
Interplay   Descent Ii Cd Soundtrack Descent Ii
Violent Onshen Geisha   With Smegma 9/24/95 Satyrico U.S. Tour '95
Raksha Mancham   Dances of the Harvest [coll]: Solar
On Her Bed of Ros (soundtrack)   Main Title/Walk to Hell On Her Bed of Roses
Pounder   Fireside E6
Bill Cosby   I Started As a Child Sneakers
Space Needle   Report From 'vaus [coll]: Letters to Aliens-East
Star Hustler   Send My Remains to the Co... [coll]: Letters to Aliens-West
Pneumershonic   The Mark of the Beast Frequencies of the Beast
Optiganally Yours   Down Spotlight on Optiganally Yours
Goon Show   The Dreadded Batter Pudding Hr Goon Show Classics
Brain Bats, the   Bound for Hell Curse of the Brain Bats, the
Honor Role   So Anyway Album
Meaty Buys   New Freedumb [coll]: Killed By Death #12
Priss and the Replicants   Big City (Konya Wa Hurricane) Bubblegum Crisis S
The Blue Hearts   Dance Number JTD-1
Mirrors   Annie [coll]: Those Were Different T
Sunshine Super Scum   Two Reactions Two Reactions
Transmission   I Want It Transmission
Tarnation   An Awful Shade of Blue Mirador
Duster   Orbitron Transmission Flux
Demonics, the   R.I.P.S.T.P. ______________________________
Penetrators   The Last of the V-8 Inter... [coll]: Phantom 5IVE/PENETRAT.
Vss, the   Death Scene Nervous Circuits
Frantic Flattops, the   Take Your Time Cheap Women Cheap Booze Cheap
Yips, the   It's a Way Out Blue Flannel Bathrobe Butterfl
T-Model Ford   Cu Tyou Loose Pee Wee Get My Gun
Hentchmen   All I Want to Do Ten String Trio
Velour Motel   You Listen Wolcott
The Hudoo Gurus   Spaghetti Western Electric Soup