Harry Cross

Friday 18 July 1997 2:00am to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Stone Roses   I Am the Ressurrection Stone Roses
Hyman, Dick   The Legend of Johnny Pot Moog, the Electric Eclectics
Irving Klaw Trio   Jizzo the Clown Utek Pahtoo Mogoi
Zoogz Rift   Triumph of the Won't Five Billion Pinheads Can't...
Tarnation   An Awful Shade of Blue Mirador
Friendly   Red Red Red Cornshocker
Bug, the   Room 773 Tapping the Conversation
Clikitat Ikatowi   Too Simple Live, August 29=30, 1995
Union Wireless   Saturn Ascension Saturn Ascension Experiments
Union Wireless   Come and Tell Me Saturn Ascension Experiments
Timothy Leary & Al Jourgensen   Lion's Mouth [coll]: Beyond Life with Ti...
Bryars, Gavin   Cello Concerto I Farewell to Philosophy
Boston Symphony Orch   Carmina Burana Film Classics
Slight Surface Noise   Youve Never Really Seen Me.. Slight Surface Noise
Beatnik Filmstars   Favourite Stuff Phase 3
Sharp, Elliot   Who Killed Karen Silkwood Seventies, the
Fushitsusha   Hermitage A Death Never to Be Complete
Interplay   Descent Ii Cd Soundtrack Descent Ii
50 Foot Hose   Lenny's Tune ...Live and Unreleased
Spikedrivers   Train Better Weather
Brother Weasel   Twisted Brother Weasel
Zip Code Rapists   Put the Bone in [coll]: Music for Swingers
Kantor, Igo/Loose, William   Games and Stories in the San [coll]: Russ Meye (soundtrack)
Gainsbourg, Serge   Requiem Pour Un Twisteur Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin
On Her Bed of Ros (soundtrack)   Rose Theme On Her Bed of Roses
Los Albinos   Go Go Congo [coll]: Shake Your Congas
Hyman, Dick   Evening Thoughts Moog, the Electric Eclectics
Orq. Melodias Del 40   Abre [coll]: El Mambo Me Priva!
Slow Gherkin   Salsa I I I [coll]: Puro Eskanol Vol. 1
Los Plugz   El Cavo Y La Cruz Repo Man Soundtrack
Estacion Local   Gozando Ska [coll]: Puro Eskanol Vol. 1
Alemany, Jesus   Salsa Pilon Cubanismo/Malembe
Bronco   Return of the Forgotten... [coll]: La Yellow Collection
Jr. and His Soulettes   Momma, Love Tequila Psychodelic Sounds
Skip Bifferty   Money Man Skip Bifferty
Flare   Cycling Around Re-Grip
Fuxa   Overture 1 Venoy
Batman and Robin Batman   To the Batmobile Batman Original Sount
Demolition Doll Rods   Queen Bee Drag Racin Tasty
Allen, Davie & the Arrows   The Glory Stompers Born Losers/Glory Stompers Thm
Hentchmen   All I Want to Do Ten String Trio
Brain Bats, the   Bound for Hell Curse of the Brain Bats, the
Sloe Gin Joes, the   Let's Drive Sloe Gin Joes, the
Demonics, the   Girlfriend's Best Friend ______________________________
Frantic Flattops, the   Wreckin' Ball Cheap Women Cheap Booze Cheap
T-Model Ford   Cu Tyou Loose Pee Wee Get My Gun
Billys, the   Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee Dream Girl
Gob   Soft Bodied [coll]: Gob/Martindale, Wink
Dukes of Hamburg, the   What Did I Say Starclub Show 1
Penetration   Free Money Early Years, the
Satelliters,The   You Can't Make Me Mysterious Sounds From Outer..
Velour Motel   You Listen Wolcott
Hollywood Persuaders   Drums a Go Go [coll]: Swing for a Crime
Save Ferris   Superspy Introducing..
Vss, the   In Miniature Nervous Circuits
Priss and the Replicants   Big City (Konya Wa Hurricane) Bubble Gum Crisis Souk
Duster   Orbitron Transmission Flux
The Blue Hearts   Dance Number JTD-1