Harry Cross

Sunday 9 November 1997 3:00am to 7:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Stone Roses   I Am the Ressurection The Stone Roses
I.B.O.P.A   Surf Polka Squids:Obsession and Devotion
Idiot Flesh   Teen Devil Worshipper Jon... Fancy
Waco Brothers   Do You Think About Me Do You Think About Me?
Zipper Spy   Halloween Watch Your Damage
Knox, Chris   The Joy of Sex Yes!!
Fred Is Dead   Here/There Angst Vor
Hi Fi Killers   A Mind Is a Terrible Thang Loaded
Tarnation   An Awful Shade of Blue Mirador
Fahey, John   Sharks Womblife
Burnside, R.L.   Sound Machine Groove Sound Machine Groove
Skavoovie and the Epitones   Batman Theme Fat Footin
Slow Gherkin   Salsa I I I [coll]: Puro Eskanol Vol. 1
Selecter, the   James Bond Out on the Streets
Los Mocosos   Soul Mocoso [coll]: Puro Eskanol Vol. 1
Jega   Phlax [coll]: Skampler
Crazy 8S   Fine Tunin' Crazy 8S
No Talents, the   My Lovermobile No Talents, the
Thompson, Hunter S.   Hunter Speaks Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Atman   Forest of Karma Personal Forest
Happy Go Licky   Twist and Shout Will Play
Tweezer   Everybody Sucks but Me How to Live in a Day of Moral
National Lampoon   A Laugh From the Past Gold Turkey
Pdq Bach   Two Madrigals The Stoned Guest
Stan Freeburg   C'est Si Bon Best of Stan Free
Ray Ventura Singers   C'est Si Bon [coll]: Music for the Jet Set
Loveletter   Barbarella [coll]: Songs for the Jet Set
Fille Qui Mousse   Part 2 Trixie Stapleton 291 Se Ta...
Grupo Do Tambor De Mina   Eu Vere Garape Vodum [coll]: Discoteca Collection
Montefiori, Federico/Francesco   Je T'adore Montefiori Cocktail
Bernabe' De Moro'n   Mosaico Andaluz [coll]: Music for the Jet Set
Fille Qui Mousse   Part 1 Trixie Stapleton 291 Se Ta...
Neil Hefti   To the Batmobile Batman Tv Series
Dave Meyers Effect, the   Hell's Racer [coll]: Surf Crazy
Dave Meyers Effect, the   Silent Screamer [coll]: Surf Crazy
Mulchmen, the   No. 99 Louder than Dirt...
Blue Hawaiians   Penetration [coll]: Pulp Surfin'
Robert Parker   Barefootin' [coll]: Rhythm and Blues Beat
Polecats, the   Jeepster Won't Die
Chuck Falzone, Telepath   You're Just to Scared, Boy [coll]: Camp Skin Graft (!)
Fireworks   My Love Is Petrified Lit Up!
Trumans Water   4 Story Friend Action Ornaments
Great Mongoose   Let's Dance [coll]: Tokyo Trashville!
The Blue Hearts   Dance Number JTD-1
The Blue Hearts   Linda, Linda JTD-1
Ground Zero   Consume Red Consume Red
Drummond, Don   Eastern Standard Time [coll]: Ska's the Limit
Ken and Delroy   Won't You Come Home Now [coll]: Get Ready Rock Steady
Save Ferris   Under 21 Introducing...
Sandblasters, the   Weird Satellite Space Bar-B-Q
Slackmates, the   Surfin' at Sunset Hot Car Girls