Wednesday 31 December 1969 4:00pm to 3:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Man Is the Bastard   Infiltraitor S W Mumia
Capitalist Casualties   Dope and War Dope and War
A O S   Castigo Del Brujo Fiesta Comes Alive
Locust   Emaciation Fers Fiesta Comes Alive
Radioactive Lunch   Crackbabies 7"
Eucharist   Crackbabies 7"
Corrupted   Reference Split W Enemy Soil
Noothgrush   Useless [coll]: Noothgrush/Agents of S
Burzum   Rundgang Um Die Tranzendenta [coll]: Various (soundtrack)
Battle of Disarm   Cash or Greed Sons of War
Toadliquer   Fratricide a Requiem Lp
Charles Bronson   Cheese with Your Whine No Royalties
Melt Banana   Wedge S a H 7"
Drop Dead   B S Tradition Mini Cd
Thor's Hammer   Troll Awakening
Hellnation   Too Punk Too Drunk At War W Emo
Carol   Pandemonium Split W Stack
Neurosis   Shallow Short Wave Warfare
Enwetak   Wicker Gfuns Elvis Loved Them
Society of Jesus   Boia Fascista Dei Miracoli
Menche, Daniel   Vulgar Vulgar Scratch Recordings, the
Cavity   Sometimes Sweety Susan 7"
Suppression   Subservient F Cb Splirt Lp
Apeface   Rise Over [coll]: Apeface/Zero Hour
Crossed Out   Pure Delusion [coll]: Crossed Out/Man Is the
Infest   Cold Inside Reality
Lack of Interest  
Slight Slappers   Lonrly Person Split W Hatred Princis
Dystopia   B Stabber
Unholy Grave   Morbid Reality 7"
C B U   War in Your Living Room 10'
Masskontroll   Split W Battle of Dism
Defiance   Future Is Darkness] Meaningful Consolidatn
Jenny Piccolo   I Hope You Perish Immediately Cronic of Power
Ebola   Dumb Lp
Agathocles   Consuming Endoderme Pus Split Wcv Disgorge
Cryptic Slaughter   Mad Convicted
B O D   Blank Expression 7"
Wounded Knee   Hands Psychopathession
Swans   My Buried Child I Am the Sun
Asbestos Death   Mindis Destruction Live at Gilman
Senseless Apocalypse   No Title
Opstand   Desparate Terroism Noise Grinding Violene
C C   Second Guess Disoppress
Squash Bowels   Last Warning Split W C U M
Laceration   Holes in My Haed Split W B a T
Huasipungo   Slaves Canciones Para Una Caa
C B   Ratings Pasta Power Violence
Carcass   Exhume to Consume Symphonies of Sickness
Nasum   World in Turmoil W I T 7"
Napalm Death   Mentally Murdered From Enslavement to Obliterati
Violent Hedache   Grunge Clothing Split Wvexcreted Alive
Artortured   Out of Luck Split W Crisis Rebirth
Deaththreat   Runs Dry 7"
D.I.E.   Jumbo Is Chombo [coll]: Ruido De Odio/Dxixe
Enemy Soil   Lost 10"
Dratsab   Vagrancy Split W Reform Contro
Chicken S   Splirt W Unholy Grave Negativo
Jeno   Drain 7"
Incantation   Deliverance of Horrific Prop Onward to Golgotha
Tomsk 7   Dumpside Split W Boris
Sistema Nervio   Before the Fall 7"
Unanswered   Industrial Poisoned By Human E Split W C Bronsson
More Noise for Life   No Truth 7"