Tuesday 16 December 1997 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Maggie & Terri Roche   West Virginia
Jefferies, Peter   Swerve A Chorus of Interludes
Kadura   Alyster From the Depths of the Other S
Tina Age 13   Cortez the Killer
Melt-Banana   Wedge "
Make-Up   Tell It Like a Version Free Arthur Lee
Flieswatters, the   Creeping Flieswatters, the
Black Army Jacket   Dantam Path of 2 Swords As One, the
Sand   Vulture 1: Doncha Feel [coll]: Sand/Current 93
Cranioclast   No Caveman Bites the Dog Can I Talk or S...
Mainliner   Cardinal Virtues
Jessamine   From Hereto and Now Otherwise
Yo La Tengo   Detouring America with Horns May I Sing with Me
Fahey,John/Cul De Sac   The New Red Pony Epiphany of Glenn Jones, the
Douglas Leedy   Good King Wenceslas
Kenny Burrell   Have Your Self a Merry Littles
Harvey, P.J.   Snake 4 Track Demos
Magic Pacer, the   Invasion Dig this Dig that
White Heaven   Look of Love
Sonic Youth   Slaapkamers Met Slagroom
Slower than   Alice in Slower than Alice on Slower than
Neil Young   Tonight's the Night
Roll Another Number
Dead Moon   It's Ok Hard Wired in Ljubljana
Union 13   Realidad East Los Presents
Carpenters   Bless the Beasts and the Chn Carpenters
Dead Kennedys   Ill in the Head Fresh Fruit for Rotting...
Magic Hour   Heads Down Part 2
Pauline Oliveros   Ghostdance: Procession
Godflesh   Pure Ii Pure
Ohm   Track 2 Oz
Bunnybrains   I'm Obsessed with My Looks
Nitre Pit   Deerlegs Lo
Lord High Fixers   The Things She Says When the Revolution Comes