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Dr Brother Goat Cult

Wednesday 31 December 1969 4:00pm to 2:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Snowe   Tikka High Density/Lounge Defense/Ti
Aoki, Tatsu & Otani, Yasuhiro   The Glimpse Dial
Scorn   Dreamspace Evanescence
Ranaldo, Lee   Notes Dirty Windows
Angels of Light, the   His Entropic Highness New Mother
Bailey, Derek & Evan Parker   Two 11:46 Arch Duo
Can   Transcendental Express Unlimited Edition
Sun Ra   Discipline 99 O.S.E.A.
Loadstar   Thanksgiving Day [coll]: Loadstar/Gob
Vote Robot   Ralph Haxton Versions
Weber, Thomas   Nachtwach Kammerflimmer Kollektief
Front Line Assembly   Vexation Digital Tension Dementia
Telepherique Vs. Brume   Hoffnung [coll]: Brume & Telepherique
Sonar   Cosmic Rays Cosmic Rays
Grief   Bored [coll]: GRIEF/16
Rhythm and Sound   Spend Some Time (Version) Spend Some Time
Big Youth   The Best Big Youth Leroy Smart
Ice   The Dredger [coll]: Isolationism: AMBIENT4
Dred, Mike/Green, Peter   Movie Score Virtual Farmer
Faust   Ein Neuer Tag Ravvivando
Floating Flower   Over the Mountain 2
Mady Gula Blue Heaven   Kokoro no Kakera [coll]: Land O D Risng Noiz V3
Pan Sonic   Vapina 2 B Ep
Brother Jt and Vibrolux   I Saw the Eye Dosed and Confused
Mainliner   Kizashi Solid Static
Amm   For Ute [coll]: Merzbow/Amm
Rachel's   A French Galleasse Selenography
Like a Tim   Bn I'm Serious
Dead Moon   Only Want to Be Your Man Destination X
Null   Track 7 0.0004
Raison D'etre   Chalixtins Collective Archive
Bergheim 34   We Do not Communicate Sechstrack
Winston Tong   Negative Confessions [coll]: Beaten to the Bone
Jang, Jon   The Procession/Woman Sham... Self Portrait