Frieda Leave

Friday 30 June 2000 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Angel in Heavy Syrup   Breath of Life I I I
Angel in Heavy Syrup   Flower and Dream I I I
Angel in Heavy Syrup   Thirsty Land I I I
F/I   Helioscopium Helioscopium
Marble Sheep   Ufo Whirl Live
Aoki, Tatsu   Kioto ______________________________
Loud Family   The Come on Slouching Towards Liverpool
Alternate Learning   Beach State Rocking
(Scott Miller's 1980   Ulysses
Band)   Painted Windows
Let's not Wait
Bevis Frond, the   Cuvie A Gathering of Fronds
Bevis Frond, the   Blurred Vision A Gathering of Fronds
When Worlds Collide  
Trance to the Sun   Asthenosphere Venomous Eve
Molecules   Dig It Morokyu
Gravitar   U.R.R. You Must First Learn to Draw T
God Is My Co-Pilot   Don't Go Crazy, Go to Sleep How to Be
Turner, Nik   Orgone Accumulator Space Ritual 1994 Live
Boredoms   I Am Cola Pop Tatari
Guided By Voices   Striped White Jets Alien Lanes
Alien Sex Fiend   E.S.T Alien Sex Fiend
D.R.I.   Girl with a Gun Full Speede Ahead
Yo La Tengo   I Heard You Looking Painful
Baron, Joey   Broken Time Killer Joey
Ensemble Modern   The Girl in the Magnesium... Yellow Shark, the
Pucho & His Latin Soul Brother   Greene Street Jive How'm I Doin?