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Arthur Dent

Saturday 15 July 2000 9:00am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Waits, Tom   Just Another Sucker on The.. Swordfishtrombones
Mancini, Henry   Your Father's Feathers Hatari
John Barry (soundtrack)   Out of Africa Out of Africa the Classic Barr
Bandit Queen (soundtrack)   Chottie See Bandit Queen
Bruno Nicholai   Buon Funerale Amigos...Para [coll]: My Delici (soundtrack)
Roy Nathanson (soundtrack)   Openning Credits Camp Stories
R. Williams   Nixon As Mr Ed Gd Mng Vietnam
Cliff Martinez   Wrong End of the Microscope Kafka
Carlos, Wendy   Closing Titles Tron
Menken, Alan   Skid Row Ltl Shp Horrors
Hell's Belles (soundtrack)   Wheels By Les Baxter
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!   The Break [coll]: Russ Meyer's
Williams, John   Arrival of Tinkerbell Hook
Goldsmith, Jerry   The Pivot Hoosiers
Zappa, Frank (soundtrack)   Dance of the Just Plain Folk 200 Motels
O'rourke, Jim   Captain's Bay Road [coll]: Dutch Har (soundtrack)
Bernstein, Lenny   Officer Krupke W. Side Story
Swing Kids (soundtrack)   Bel Mir Bist Du Schon Swing Kids
Rosemary's Baby (soundtrack)   Dream Rosemary's Baby
Ed Wood (soundtrack)   Ed Takes Control Ed Wood
(Mystery Theme)   12 O'clock High Tvgh 2
Goldsmith, Jerry   Let's Get Small Inner Space
Planet of the Ape (soundtrack)   The Hunt By Jerry Goldsmith
Denny Zeitlen   Escape to Darkness Inv Body Snatchers
In Like Flint/Our (soundtrack)   Westward Ho By Jerry Goldsmith
M Joins the Hunt J. B. Thrillers
Barry, John   James Bond Theme Film Mus of Jb
Bernstein, Elmer   Clark Street Man W the Golden Arm
Day the Earth Sto (soundtrack)   The Elevator/Magnetic Pull "
Outland (soundtrack)   The Mine (Soundtrack)
Williams, John (soundtrack)   Mouse Robot and Blasting Off Star Wars
Rosenman, Leonard   Crash - Whale Fugue Star Tk 4
Bernard Herrmann   Hitchhiker [coll]: Twlight Z (soundtrack)
Williams, John   The Conspirators Jfk
Terence Blanchard   Firebomb X
Mark Snow   10 Gs on the Downhill Skateboard
Gibson, Alex   Garage Raids Suburbia
Norman, Neil