Phil Dirt

Saturday 24 September 2005 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Phil's Last Garage  
Aquaium   Tibetskoe Tango
Other Side   Walking Down the Road
Chocolate Watchband   Sweet Young Thing
Just 6   Bo Said
E-Types   I Can't Do It
Stained Glass   A Scene in Between
Mourning Reign   Satisfaction Guaranteed
Golliwogs   Walking on the Water
Syndicate of Sound   Little Girl
Syndicate of Sound   Little Girl (Live Fx, San Jose
Chocolate Watchband   Gone and Passes By
Rain   Esp
Berzerkers   Can't Trust Myself
Elastik Band   Spaz
Torquays   Harmonica Man
Ron Wilson   Bagpipe Louie
Crazy Elephant   Dark Part of My Mind
Dave Heenan Set   Alice in Wonderland
Rocky Erickson and the Aliens   Bumble Bee Zombie
Southwest F.O.B.   Smell of Incense
Other Half   Wonderful Day
Hamster Ranch   Paranoid
Last Wave  
Vara-Tones   Reverberator Headin' Out
Chocolate Watchband   Bombay Pipeline
Matt Rae   Caravan
Monster Pete and the Chiefs   New Frontiers
Jonathan Wolf   Camp Wilder (Theme)
Bonney and Buzz   Sunburst Kid Rock-Ola
Orestes Prezza   Octapunch
Tubestone   Stringers Walk
Bambi Molesters   Glider
Paul Johnosn and the Packards   Baja
Surf Raiders   Long Boards at San Onofre
Gasolines   Hotel Lonliness
Lost Boys of Penzance   Disadvantages of You
Reactions   Frenzied
Surfites   Dana Point
Sid Presley Experience   Firewater
Berzerkers   Sacquito Fria
Untamed Youth   Overcast
King Charles Head   Ghostriderz on Surfboards
Lustre Kings   Forbidden Planet
Unknowns   Olaje De Misterio
Surf Piranhas   Sunset Beach
Papa Don   Wind Surfing
Go-Go's   Surfin' and Spyin'
Sir Finks   Steel Pier
Die Space Hobos   Volkslied a Go-Go
Los Venturas   Makaha Surf
Wangs   Bali Ha'i
Sand-Dunes   Showdown at Rocky Point
Dave Myers and the Surftones   Gear
Jon and the Nightriders   The Breeze and I
Snake-Out   Fat Lisa
Da Surfones   Mar I Morena
Omar Khorshid   Raqset El Fadaa
Baron Daeman and the Vampires   Ghost Guitars
Johnny and the Hurricanes   Sheba - Sandstorm
Sandy Nelson   Casbah
Mermen   Casbah
Ed and the Twilighters   Cobnocker
Chantays   Hear Now
Pollo Del Mar   Apache Drummer
Pollo Del Mar   Dark Side of the Mushroom
Blazers   Sound of Mecca
Dick Dale   Surf Buggy
Pyronauts   Go-Go Girl
Richie Allen & Pacific Surfer   The Quiet Surf
Saxons   Camel Walk
Surf Coasters   Dreams
Fender 4   Malibu Run
Van Slyke   Magnum 44
Surf Raiders   Surf Busters