Jack McMack

Tuesday 15 August 2006 1:59am to 6:02am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Kitaro   Mysterious Encounter The Light of the Spirit
Patrick Gleeson   Neptune, the Mystic Beyond the Sun, An Electric Portrait of Holsts the Planets
John McEntire   Neutron Warp Back to Earth
Wendy Carlos   Wormhole Tron OST
Wendy Carlos   Ringgame and Escape Tron OST
Jim Bartz   Observations Pictures of Earth and Space
Orbital   Forever Snivilisation
Plaid   Headspin Not For Threes
Jamie Myerson   Heartsong Trance Atlantic 2
Nightcrawlers   Modulus Four Nightcrawlers
The Black Dog   Xeper Trance Europe Express 2
Air Liquide   Chromoplastic Trance Europe Express 3
Ultramarine   Before Trance Europe Express 3
Schizophrenia   Schitzophrenia Excursions in Ambience the 2nd orbit
Voodoo Warriors of Love   Sweat Chillout Phase 2
Divination   Ancient Evenings (Najm-Al-Din) Excursions in Ambience the third dimension
Material   Mantra (Praying Mantra Mix Edit) Excursions in Ambience
Unwed Sailor   Morning in the Forest Marionette & the Music Box, th
Ooioo   Aster Kila Kila Kila
Hillage, Steve   The Glorious Om Riff Aura
Young American Primative   Sunrise Chill Out!
Fires of Ork, the   CD3 Talk to the Stars Ambient Cookbook Ii
Escape 3   Atmosphere Processor Ambiento
Tangerine Dream   Exit Exit
New American Orchestra   Main Title Blade Runner OST
Sextant   Live at Xs 1 Definitive Amb.Col, the
Adam Kittle   10th Solar Body Old World, New Age
Neotropic   Weeds EARTHRISE.NTONE.1
Blue Man Group   Rods and Cones Audio
Paradise 3001   Beautification Esp-The Techno Trance
ATB   Cabana Moon Addicted To Music
Safri Duo   Baya Baya Episode II