Solomon Grundy

Sunday 3 September 2006 7:37pm to 10:03pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Goblin   Profondo Rosso Vol. II
Corvus Corax   Mille anni passi sunt Best of Corvus Corax
Current 93   8 Idumaea (Baby Dee) Black Ships Ate The Sky
siechtum   meinungsindustrie leichenschrei # 2
Winterkalte   Maximum Credible Accident Structure of Desruction
heimstatt yipotash   Sharing solar resources form of Hands 06
Edgy   Fear Hands 2005
Merzbow   Minazo
Nurse With Wound   Two Golden Microphones Rock 'n Roll Station
needle sharing   speed champion form of Hands 06
painbastard   damned to suffer 2005 elektroanschlag
duncan avoid   lucid metaphysics
ah cama-sortz   dead cities form of handfs 06
Throbbing Gristle   20 Jazz Funk Greats
Lycia   Wandering Soul Burning Circle & Then Dust, The
Soriah   One Chao Organica In a Minor
Nurse With Wound/xambuca   2 Salt Marie Citar
Onethirtyeight   The Squid Boy Sister, The
Sonic Youth   Incinerate Rather Ripped
Om   Rays of the sun / to the shrinebuilder Om/Current 93