Solomon Grundy

Sunday 15 October 2006 7:02pm to 9:57pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
goblin   suspiria Classic italian Soundtracks
current 93   panzer ruin looney runes
blood axis   the ride looking for europe comp.
Aghast   Call From the Grave Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finst
Death in June   Heaven Street Mk I I Guilty Have no Pride, the
Nurse With Wound/xambuca   Salt Marie Citar Salt Marie Citar
Celtic Frost   Progeny Monothiest
Dark Throne   Triumphant Gleam Panzerfaust
Baroness   Red Sky Second
Urfaust   Akt 1. II: Verraterischer, Nichtswurdiger Geist
ordinateur   hyper platonic magnetronic turbulence
chu ishikawa   narrowed diff ductile
W.A.S.T.E.   irradiated non-future Das Bunker comp. 15 Min. into the future
winterkalte   nuclear free north america dist urban ce
psydoll   track # 3 a war in a box
Merzbow   1 Minazo
Yellow Swans   True Union Psychic Secession
Merzbow   1 Minazo
Ginnungagap   Duel Ravens Remeindre
Gyuto Monk   track # 1 Tibetan Tantric Choir
sveinbjorn Beinteinsson   track # 1
Eastern Fox Squirrels   Eastern Fox Squirrels At Play Eastern Fox Squirrels
Beaupre, Stephen   Stay Here Every Night Macro-house Ep
sopor aeternus   something wicked this way comes... songs fo the inverted womb
diary of dreams   chemicals one of 18 angels
zoar   secrets of death butoh comp.
sol invictus   in the rain in the rain
Krejci,david   Mercury Cleophone, The