Krzton Drda

Sunday 24 December 2006 6:01am to 8:55am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Venetian Snares   Stairs Song Winter in the Belly of a Snake
Sickness   Ring Around a Rosey I Have Become the Disease.....
Ataque Frontal   No Habra Paz S/T
Sonic Youth/Yamatsuka Eye   Ouch 'no.Ii' (Parts 1-4)
Pelican   Ran Amber Pelican / Mono Split
I Am The Arm   Square Wheel Rollin' Song I Am The Arm
Navies   Continental Divide House Ties
Destruction Unit   Warm Leatherette Death to The Old Flesh
Deerhoof   Scream Team Runners Four, the
Yau, R.h.y   Chimera Yau, R.h.y./ Tralphaz
Destruction Unit   Violence Virus Death to The Old Flesh
Bardo Pond   Invisible Fire/The Rebis/Latona Adrop
Heads, The   Creating In The Eternal Now Is Always Heavy Under The Stress of a Headlong Dive
Hot Loins   Reminiscent of The Admiration of a Graceful Lady Buzzkill
Circuit Wound   The Smog Monster L.A. Noisescape
Noothgrush   Starvation Erode The Person
Black Ice   My Eyes Hurt Secret Is Out, the
Crowbar Massage   My Life Training Wheels/My Life
Hototogisu   Untitled Chimarendammerung
Bedemon   Touch The Sky Child of Darkness
Buried At Sea   Untitled Buried At Sea
Khate   Ming Women Take Back The Noise
Rope   This Is Love Heresy, and Then Nothing But Tears
Recchion, Tom   Where Were You On Christmas? Where Were You On Christmas?
Slayer   Raining Blood Decade of Aggression (Live)
Government Alpha   Rustcolored Behemoth Sporadic Spectra
Brent Gutzeit/James Plotin   Realize: Halo Noise Reduction
Instant Death   Can't Fill the Void Enabler, the
Nothing People   I Can't Find a Monkey Problems
Sunn O)))   A Shaving of the Horn That.. White 1