Craig Bentley

Sunday 6 July 2008 2:55am to 6:02am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Thud   Ventilator Life & Death
Fartz, the   Iron Fist "What's in a Name?"
Hip-Cops/Gate   The Pleasure to End All Pleasures Hip-Cops/Gate
Guernica Y Luno   Track 3 Guernica Y Luno
Stay Fucked   Stop Hectoring Me Windpipe
Spore   Paradise Giant
Destruction Unit   The Fools Will Dance Death to The Old Flesh
D.S.-13   Snacka Inte Sexism Med Mig L Histeria
Nashgul   Ya Es Sufficiente International Blast Fighter Comp
Debris   Witness Static Disposal
Spitters   Lic Dem Stem Give
Rrope   Jingle Jangle Mahoganny
Child Abuse   Animal Queens and Kings Octis / Child Abuse
Abazagorath   Slaughterlord Spirit of Hate For Mankind
Nothing People   Sickness Anonymous
Roerhedds   Kessel Breeds
Retaliation   No One Knows My Grave Execution, the
Dead Youth   Roachmotel Intense Brutality
Screeching Weasel   Crying in My Beer Wiggle
Defecation   Scrutiny Purity Dilution
Dead Moon   Day After Day Crack in the System
Mochipet   Electro888 (original Mix) Unicorn Glowsticks Rave Party
Sick of It All   The Pain Strikes Just Look Around
Six Feet Under   Ghosts of The Undead Commandment
Exhorder   Into the Void Law, the
Ex, the   Oskar Beck Dizzy Spells
Skunk   Every Mother Laid
Fabulous Disaster   Rich Bitches In Volvos Piss Me Off Pretty Killers
Fucking Ocean, The   Invisible Line Le Main Rouge
Throw Rag   Chief Stinking Sour Blanket "Tee-Tot"
Totalitar   Psykopaten Bestammer Vi Ar Eliten
Fire Dept.   Sean Breeze Elpee for Another Time
Death Unit   Infinite Death I Infinite Death
Plutocracy   Paisans Sniping Pigz
T.S.O.L.   See You Tomorrow Divided We Stand
Sun Demons   Time Warp Daddy "Runnin' Like It Oughtta!"
Burial Hex   River of Los Burial Hex