SAL 9000

Saturday 27 June 2009 6:01am to 8:56am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Ortmann, Andy   Untitled 6 Nightmania
Ielasi, Giuseppe   Track 02 Aix
Letum   Broken Broken
Emeralds   Arbol Del Tule Allegory of Allergies
Terminal 23   Sort Hagl Melting of Ice, The
Von Himmel   Moon Mess Space Communion
Dimmer   Sky Wire Remissions
Of   Coal Seams Rocks Will Open
Svarte Greiner   Candle Light Dinner Actress Kappe
Tribute to Swoops the blackbird  
Ipso Facto   Blackbird Carry on
Twenty-Seven Various, the   Swoop Factor: 9000 Fine
Tone Dogs   Three Fell Swoops Early Middle Years, the
a Screaming Comes Across The Sky   Gotterdammerung Void Terror
so long, Swoops  
Israel M   Dunhia Nareah
Allen, Cory   Exedra Fourth Way, The
Moslang, Robert   C12 LAT NC
Thrillers, The   Tin Drums Tropic of Cancer, The
Advocates of Das Bang   Sexstyles "..."
Wrekmeister Harmonies   New York Recordings Made In Public Spaces Volume 1
Kohn   Kukelekohn (Kohn)2
Tone Float   Vapourspace Aquarium Musik Von Tone Float
Echospace   Aequinoxium Coldest Season, The