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Cat Collider

Saturday 18 July 2009 1:48am to 5:56am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
KID606   Xmas Funk Resilience
Echospace   Ocean of Emptiness Coldest Season, The
808 State   Automatic Prebuild
Units, The   Contemporary Emotions History of The Units : The Early Years 1977-1983
39 Clocks   PLO Zoned
Lorelei   Stop What You're Doing Why Popstars Can't...
Monochrome Set, the   The Monochrome Set Monochrome Set, the
Crystal Stilts   Prismatic Room Alight of Night
A-Sides, the   Umbrella Hello, Hello
Blackshaw, James   Cross Glass Bead Game, The
Americans In France   Liking You Pretzelvania
Safety Scissors   A Wash Parts Water
Ladytron   Discotraxx 604
Positive Noise   When Lightning Strikes Positive Noise
Aardvarck   Start Cult Copy
Paper Tiger   Speedmetal False Hopes
J Dilla   Won't Do Shining, The
Hot Pepper, The   Kun Rod Fai, Pai Rod Bus, Kee Chang, Kang Tent Thai Funk
Sun Ra   Intergalactic Research Intergalactic Research
Dave Aju   Crazy Place (original Mix) Crazy Place
Thrillers, The   Tin Drums Tropic of Cancer, The
Freddy & Henchi & The S.S. Revue   Biscuits and Buttermilk Soul Side of The Street, The
Magnetix   Mort Clinique Positively Negative
Flipper   Flipper Twist
Stranger Son of WB   Engine Engine
Joy Division   Transmission Substance
So Cow   Casablanca So Cow
Joy Division   Love Will Tear Us Apart Substance
Disco Inferno   Footprints in the Snow D.I. Go Pop
My Bloody Valentine   To Here Knows Tremolo
Headboys, the   The Shape of Things to Come Shape of Things to Come, the
Owls, the   Air Our Hopes and Dreams
Safety Scissors V Kit Clayton   14-20 Ping Pong
Figurine   Impossible Heartfelt, the
Mighty Tiger   Voyeur Heaven Western Theater
Flaharty, Sonny & the Mark V   Hey Conductor Hey Conductor
Figurine   Way Too Good Heartfelt, the
Ladytron   Paco! 604
Sanso-Xtro   Unsentimental Sentimentalist
Outputmessage   Sommeil Idol Tryouts 2
Jesu   Dead Eyes Silver
Poni Hoax   Budapest (Original) Budapest Ep
Glass Candy   Iko Iko
Aphex Twin   Xtal Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Mobius Band   The Loving Sounds Of Static (Junior Boys RMX) Idol Tryouts 2
Ladytron   Playgirl 604
PGT   Minuit Temporary Habitations