Thursday 29 October 2009 1:56am to 5:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Monosov, Ilya & The 21st Century Punks   Unnatural Ways New Music
African Music Machine   Tropical Black Water Gold
Fantastics, The   Chicken Lickin' Contemporary Funk
Broun Fellinis   Angel of Redemption Dotabata
Belgrave, Marcus   Glue Fingers (Part I) Gemini
Belgrave, Marcus   Glue Fingers (Part II) Gemini
Pinnawela   You Can Dance (Envee Ensemble Version) Jazz & Milk Breaks 2
Marsala, Joe   Wolverine Blues Joe Marsala 1936-1942
Simiao   Wasati Walomu Cazumbi - African Sixties Garage Vol. 2
Penahi   Dance Music Raks Raks Raks (17 Golden Garage Psych Nuggets Iranian 60's)
Kuti, Fela   Fefe Na Efe (Ancestral Soul Edit) Fefe Na Efe
Hecuba   Miles Away Dublab Presents In The Loop 5
Canibus   Genabis Rip The Jacker
Boxcutter   Spacebass Arecibo Message
Hudson Mohawke   Fruit Touch Butter
Redshape   Violet 2010 EP
Allbee, Liz   Outside Inside Warm Marrow
Jacaszek   O Ma Zakosci Treny
Newsom, Joanna   This Side of the Blue Yarn and Glue
Blood Fountains   Spiritless Floods
Brother Ah   Motherless Child Key to Nowhere
Evans, Jessie   Golden Snake Is It Fire?
Almendra   Hoy Todo El Hielo En La Ciudad Almendra
Diminished Men   GG Narrows Shadow Instrumentals
Cultural Decay, The   End of The Corridor Eight Ways to Start a Day
Fotheringay   John The Gun 2
Bonfire Madigan   Moontime I Bleed: a Decade of Song
School, The   and Suddenly Searching For The Now 6
Liechtenstein   This Must Be Heaven Searching For The Now Vol.5
Scout Niblett   It's Time It's Time
El-G   Armelle Armelle 7"
Lenguas Largas   I Feel I Feel 7"
Lederhosen Lucil   You Suck Hosemusik
Gun Outfit   Guilt and Regret Dim Light
De Cylinders   I Wanna Get Married I Wanna Get Married/Looking For Work
Buzzer   Stunning Freak Teacher's Pet
Delgados, the   Bits of Bone Universal Audio
Stares, the   Forget the Souvenirs Spine to Sea
Murcof   Una Ultimatum
Cervenka, Exene   Surface of the Sun Somewhere gone
Stars   Life Effect Heart