Monday 9 November 2009 1:55am to 6:10am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Fehlmann, Thomas   Making it Whistle Kompakt Total 4
Eight Frozen Modules   Dogs Bark People Growl Clinically Yours
Vivian Girls   Can't Get Over You Everything Goes Wrong
Mono   Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Sigur Ros   Staralfur Agaetis Byrjun
Isan   Yttrium Plans Drawn In Pencil
Christine, Liz   The Blue Frog and The Green Fairy Four Women No Cry Vol 3.
Dudu Geva   Streets of Tomorrow Retrovulva 2003
Glen Iris   Horseless Glen Iris
Vulva   Omnec Onec Synoptics
Mir   Jimbo Mir
Mayhem   Buried By Time and Dust From The Darkest Past
Burning Star Core   Let's Name Her Snowy Eve Public Guilt
Mikkel Metal   Victimizer Victimizer
Shogun Kunitoki   Mulber G Vinonaamakasio
Dettinger   Intershop Jonas Bering Mix (2) Kompakt 100
Los Caneyes   Suspirando Por El Chikichaka Si Para Usted Vol. 2
African Music Machine   Never Name a Baby(Before It's Born) Black Water Gold
Elliott, Max   The Nature o' Nature Nature O' Nature, The
Lover!   Left Behind I'm Not a Gnome EP
Vivian Girls   The Desert Everything Goes Wrong
Christine, Liz   Green Eyes Girl Four Women No Cry Vol 3.
Faintest Ideas, The   Procrastination of Every Day Tasks Searching For The Now Vol.5
Mono   Follow The Map Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Sigur Ros   Agaetis Byrjun Agaetis Byrjun
Modernist, The   Apple Electronics (Live) Koln Kompakt 1
Carnage   Torn Apart Dark Recollections
Mayhem   Cursed In Eternity From The Darkest Past
Skullcaster   Bone Conduction Public Guilt
Winters In Osaka   Fungus Throne Molded to Crawl
Boxcutter   Free House Acid Arecibo Message
Worker Bee   When I Came Through Tangler
Mikkel Metal   Microho Victimizer
Gay Barbarians and Or..., the   The House Plant Daphnie Bohemian Vendetta
Janssen, Guus   Slow Step November Music
Les Jazz Modes (Rouse, Charlie & Watkins, Julius)   When The Blues Come On Rare Dawn Sessions, The
Closer Musik   Maria Kompakt Total 4