C.H. Skewer

Friday 8 October 2010 2:02am to 6:29am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Left Coast Improv Group   Ron's Meditation Left Coast Improv Group, The
Chen Santa Maria   Great Society Chen Santa Maria
Cosmetics   Sleepwalking Sleepwalking
Ducktails   Art Vandelay Hamilton Road
Miller, Lloyd and The Heliocentrics   Nava Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments   Petty Thief Fat Day/Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
Feeling of Love, The   School Yeah School Yeah
Fey Gods   Untitled Fey Gods
Golden Triangle   Cold Bones Golden Triangle / Fresh & Onlys
Grave Blankets   Your Injured Ways Your Injured Ways
Kito-Mizukumi Rouber   Anta No Kai Midori Mushi San Connichiwa
Smonta Tutto   Bis Azul Smonta Tutto
Moon Duo   Set It On Fire Catch As Catch Can/Set It On Fire 7"
Linus Pauling Quartet,the/ St37   Linus Pauling Quartet: "MONSTER" Linus Pauling Quartet,the / St37
Patron Saints, The   Do It Together Fohhoh Bohob
Happy Couple, The   Song for the Troubadour Searching for the Now 2
Puffy Areolas   Teen Scene Cream Rock N Roll Express
Soft Shoulder   Rules People Problems
Sonic Suicide Squad   Record Zero Two Record Zero
This Heart Electric   Nowhere to Run Polar
Topaz Rags   Crown Center Crown Center, The
Traditional Fools, The   I Got a Baby Traditional Fools, The
Tunnelrunners, The   Average Plastic Land EP
Whines, The   Indian Homewater Whines, The
Wild Thing   (Now I Wanna Die In A) Nuclear War Age Difference
Wounded Lion   Wyld Parrots Creatures In The Cave 7"
Woods of Desolation/ Drohtnung   Rotting Woods of Desolation/ Drohtnung
Holy Ghost, the   Cop in Cornrows Broken Record
Fall, the   Copped It Wonderful and Frightening, the
Kingdom Scum   Coprophilliac Contaminating the Thinking Sup
Amps for Christ   Copperstar Electrosphere
Crucifucks, the   Cops for Fertilizer "..."
Poison Idea   Cop An Attitude Kings of Punk
Apple Maggot   Cop on a Meathook Quarantine Area
Pryor, Richard   Cops Richard & Willie Meets...
Dambuilders   Copsucker Engendedor
Broken Hope   Coprophagia Bowels of Repugnance
Death Valley   Cops and Robbers Que Pasta!
Soul Brains(Bad Brains)   Coptic Times Live at Maritime Hall
Cop Shoot Cop   Everybody Loves You Ask Questions Later
Swans   Cop Body to Body Job to Job
Antiseen   Cop Out Noise for the Sake of Noise
Body Count   Cop Killer Body Count
Cop On Fire   Creer En Nada Cop On Fire
Melvins   Copache Houdini
Blood Revolt   Gods Executioner, Praise Be Indoctrine
Anomalys, The   Aint Got a Lot to Give Anomalys, The
Atriarch   Untitled 1 Atriarch Demo EP
Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The   Roller Coaster Live Headstone
Terminals, The   Little Things Little Things
[coll]: Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 13   GunSlingeers Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 13
Kluster   Eruption 2 1970 - 1971