Tuesday 12 October 2010 2:01pm to 5:58pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Old Wainds   Until The Immortals Dream Religion of Spiritual Violence
Elf Power   Hole in My Shoe Walking with the Beggar Boys
Pandiscordian Necrogenesis   Track 5 Cerebral Lacerations
Tolteca Extra   Oracle Fiend Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 13
Black Funeral   Astrovihad Az-i-Dahak
Velnias   Untitled Untitled Tour Ep
Dark Funeral   The End of Human Race Angelus Exuro pro Eturnus
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult   Through Rotting Stench Nocturnal March
Cult of Daath   Wars of Demonism Under The Cover of The Triumphant Holocaust
Autechre   St Epreo Oversteps
Beaches   The Rip Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 13
Black Goat   Human Sacrifice Black Goat
Inferi   Dance of Shadows Shores of Sorrow
Revenge   Altar of Triumph Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist
Carlton Melton   Sequoia Pass It On...
Drugs Dragons   Another Full Moon Drugs Dragons
Odmenn   Kaerlekur Odmenn
Elektro Guzzi   Hexenschluss Elektro Guzzi
Wreck of The Hesperus   The Osseous Tomb(Echoes of Winter) Sunken Threshold,the
Devillock   Weigh Forever These Graves
Atriarch   Untitled 2 Atriarch Demo EP
Cyclone Temple   Born to Lose I Hate Therefor I Am
Space Rangers, The   Mr. Lou Ready to Take Off
Pyramids   The Echo of Something Lovely Pyramids
Karp   Valley of the Kings Mustaches Wild
Ministry   Let's Go Last Sucker, The
Nailbomb   Wasting Away Point Blank
Slidhr   Through The Roots Ex Nihilo
Rebirth of Nefast   Swallowing The Sun Ex Nihilo
Conan   Sea Lord Horseback Battle Hammer
Kmfdm   Godlike Godlike
Orca Team   Me and My Lonesome Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 13
Scott H. Biram   Time Flies Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 13
Bolt*Thrower   "Contact-Wait Out" Honour Valour Pride
Extreme Noise Terror   Man Made Hell Being and Nothing