Wednesday 13 October 2010 10:01pm to 2:01am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Panasonic   Muuntaja Panasonic EP
Darwinsbitch   Shadow Leaves Ore
Aural Fit   Overexposure Mubumoso
Vivenza   Unite Objective Unite Objective
Nordine, Ken   Cat & Bird Blues A Transparent Mask
Noggin   Natural Gas Is Hemispheric.. Hajex-From the Light
Current 93   Live At Maldoror Live At Maldoror
Campbell, Christopher   Imago Sound The All-Clear
Poss, Robert   Border Crossing March Settings
Bianchi, Maurizio   The Promised Seed Das Platinzeitalter
Nocturnal Emissions   12 Sunspot Activity
Ear Nose and Throat   Side Two Ear Nose and Throat
Svarte Greiner   Untitled 1 Penpals Forever and Ever
Core of The Coalman   Inertia II Box of The Last Help
Cv313   Infinit-1 (Original) Infinit-1
Nitsch, Hermann   Musik Der 60 Musik Der 60
Antimatter   Rangefinder Antimatter Vs. Antimatter
Muslimgauze   The Good Muslim Speaker of Turkish
Physical Demon   Ommatidia #2 Physical Demon / Al Qaeda Septet
People Like Us & Wobbly   Pick Up Music For The Fire
Spider Compass Good Crime Band   Pancreatic Organ Sirens Vultures Serenade with Human S
Nickell, Brandon   Hanging On By a Golden Thread and If You Set My Mind Afire Then On My Bloodstream I Will
No. 9   Bug Beats Mushi-No-Ne
Pulse Emitter   Eagle Nebula Cosmic Images
Deathroes   Road Kill Vol. 1 Road Kill Vol. 1