Monday 13 December 2010 6:02pm to 7:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Freak Week Thoughtline
Psychotronix   Winter Wonderland
Drawn Out Drama   DoD Dec 23
Psychotronix   Myron Floren Let's it Snow
Kessler Twins   Cuando, Cuando, Cuando
Drawn Out Drama   DoD July2010
Mitch Miller   Sing Along to Do Re Me
Psychotronix   Godzilla vs the Thing
Jane Russell   Anyone Here for Love?
Drawn Out Drama   It's too soon after dinner
Mariachi   Guadajhara
Drawn Out Drama   Atomic Insects from Mars
Hang on to your lids, kids
Drawn Out Drama   DoD Feb2010
Scrooge   I hate people
Charlie Tuna
Psychotronix   Hawaiian Tune
Psychotronix   Harmonica Tune
Psychotronix   Betty goes Crazy