Tuesday 14 December 2010 2:04pm to 6:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sleep   Dragonaut Sleeps Holy Mountain
Sleep   The Druid Sleeps Holy Mountain
Sleep   Evil Gipsy Sleeps Holy Mountain
Sleep   Some Grass Sleeps Holy Mountain
Sleep   Aquarian Sleeps Holy Mountain
Sleep   Holy Mountain Sleeps Holy Mountain
Sleep   Inside the Sun Sleeps Holy Mountain
Sleep   From Beyond Sleeps Holy Mountain
Sleep   Nain's Baptism Sleeps Holy Mountain
Electric Wizard   The House On The Borderland Electric Wizard / Reverend Bizarre
Clutch   The Elephant Riders The Elephant Riders
Clutch   Ship of Gold The Elephant Riders
Clutch   Eight Times Over Miss October The Elephant Riders
Clutch   The Soapmakers The Elephant Riders
Clutch   The Yeti The Elephant Riders
Clutch   Muchas Veces The Elephant Riders
Clutch   Green Buckets The Elephant Riders
Clutch   Wishbone The Elephant Riders
Clutch   Crackerjack The Elephant Riders
Clutch   The Dragonfly The Elephant Riders
Cat   Anti-methamphetamine song N/A
Clutch   05 The Elephant Riders
Triptykon   Crucifixus Shatter
Triptykon   I Am The Twilight Shatter
KTL   Game 2
KTL   Paratrooper IV
Electric Sheep   Intro Locust Lunch Ep
Electric Sheep   Locust Lunch Locust Lunch Ep
Electric Sheep   Smile Without a Cause Locust Lunch Ep
Frank Herbert   Excerpts from Dune Messiah Dune Messiah Audiobook
Boris   Heavy Friends Heavy Rocks
Boris   Korosu Heavy Rocks
Cake   Comfort Eagle Comfort Eagle
Boris   Dyna-Soar Heavy Rocks
Boris   Something In Japanese That I Can't Read Heavy Rocks
Boris   Soft Edge Heavy Rocks
Boris   Rattlesnake Heavy Rocks
Boris   Something Else In Japanese That I Can't Read Heavy Rocks
Boris   The Bell Tower of a Sign Heavy Rocks
Carpenters, the   Solitaire Horizon
Carpenters, the   Happy Horizon