Anthony Fremont

Sunday 26 June 2011 12:02am to 3:02am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Imperial Dogs, The   This Ain't the Summer of Love Live! In Long Beach (October 30, 1974
Imperial Dogs, The   Sweet Little Strychnine
Imperial Dogs, The   Cerebral Cortex (Lizard Love)
Imperial Dogs, The   Intensity 21.5
No Statik   We All Die In The End We All Die In The End
Age Wave   Telephone Dreams Telephone Dreams
Oval   Kreak Liturgy / Oval
Ito, Teiji   II Tenno
Von Oswald, Moritz Trio   Structure 3 Horizontal Structures
Mako Sica   Dunes Dual Horizon
Mandelbrot & Skyy   Sirrocco OD-Axis
RM74   Premonition Before The End of June
Tri-cornered Tent Show   Cabbage Head Dreams Alien Trailways
Egypt Is The Magick   Process-upload- Consciousness Valentine Process, The
Seabat   Guarding the Zone No Wake
Pregnant   Hey Valley Ike Wimin
O Paon   Raffinerie (Metal Sur Mer) Courses
Dead Rider   The Blue Flame Raw Dents, The
Wolfe, Chelsea   Noorus Grime and The Glow, The
U.S. Girls   Sleeping On Glass Go Grey
Dixon, Bill Orchestra   Metamorphosis 1962-1966 Intents and Purposes
THX 1138 (Schifrin, Lalo)   Main Title/What's Wrong? THX 1138