Number 6

Thursday 21 July 2011 10:01am to 1:55pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Throbbing Gristle   Very Friendly First Annual Report, the
Propergol   Outburst United States
Zylo, Arvo   Deadbeat Deluxe. 333
Iugula Thor   Sex Cuts The Sound of Sadism
Throbbing Gristle   Side 2 Heathen Earth
Kel O'Neill & Eline Jongsma   The Transformation of Genesis P Orridge
Throbbing Gristle   Side 2 Heathen Earth
Aerobics King   Live at the Clit Stop Clit Stop
Deerhoof   Live at the Clit Stop Clit Stop
Deb Foxx Hamhoxxx   Live at the Clit Stop Clit Stop
Dr. Oblivious   Live at the Clit Stop Clit Stop
Excepter   Kill People Debt Dept.
Realicide   Lifelong Exit Lifelong Exit
Hair Police   Straps and Straps Crystal Fantasy/Hair P
Aphasic + Dj Scud   Track 2 Welcome to the Warren
Arboga Teenage Riot   track 6 Ugly Crew demos
Sigillum S   Chloroform Rewind: A Sharp Approach to Suppressing Sound From Hands collection
Dev/Null   Rave 1 E-Boyz Revenge
Folkstorm   hatewave Folkmusik
Shit and Shine   Side B SXSW Showcase
Ichiro Agata X Kk Null   Double Headed Jet Pimento Guitar Organism
Vargr   Kommando Satanas Northern Black Supremacy
Vargr   Three days fo the king of the jews Northern Black Supremacy
Bloodoline   Voyage Till Death Dissociated Human Junction collection
Ahnst Anders   After Dark Home
Noism   Man I G s/t
Noism   OTM s/t
Pop. 1280   Trash Cop Grid, The
KK Null   track 6 Datacide In Year Zero
Diamond Catalog   Slith'd On Magnified Palette
Theologian   Bearing Bitter Fruit The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On M
Third Organ   Alzheimer's Disease Cataclastic Fracture collection
Orifice Training   Casual Living Cataclastic Fracture collection
Infant Erection   9th Massacre Cataclastic Fracture collection
Psywarfare   Process of Elimination
Vaginal Incest   I Vomit Cuntslime Cropment / Vaginal Incest
Contra Ignem   Blood Upon the Horizon Detritus
Blut Aus Nord   part 1-3 Dissociated Human Junction collection
Propergol   The Worst Is Yet To Come Renegade
Gnaw Their Tongues   And the Waters Shall Prevail Upon the Earth Die Mutter w?hlt das Todtenkleidchen
Disiplin   Atomvinter Molti Nemici - Molto
Cloak of Displacement   The Session Ritual
Abruptum   Ex-Inferno Inferiori Casus Luciferi
Stalaggh   Nihilistik Terrror