Robert Emmett

Saturday 31 March 2012 8:59am to 12:03pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
8:59am The Netcast is Still Working   Listen and Obey
9:02am Barry Adamson   The Big Bamboozle
9:05am Trailer   Psycho a Go Go
9:08am Cream   Sunshine in Two
9:10am Rhinegold Beer
9:10am Alex North   The Racers
9:16am Ernest Gold   The McCullocks
9:19am Navy Frogmen cereal bonus
9:19am George Duning   Bell, Book, & Candle - Way Out Calypso
9:23am John Ottman   Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer - Surfer theme
9:26am Trailer   Bride of the Monster
9:29am Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter   Kronos - Main Theme
9:32am Space Patrol   Monoview Space Helmet - Space Patrol
9:32am Monkees   Pleasant Valley Sunday
9:33am Trailer   Lost Continent
9:39am Psychotronix   Oh Jonny, Oh Jonny
9:46am Basil Poledouris   Red Dawn
9:51am How much time do we Have? Atomic Platters
9:51am Kelly, Gene   Singin' in the Rain Singin' In The Rain/ Easter Parade Mgm Records
9:58am Heinz Roemhold   Monster that Challenges the World
10:00am Elmer Bernstein   Magnificent Seven
10:00am Bob and Ray   Elmer Litzinger Spy: Transmitter Troubles
10:04am Elvis Presley   Yoga is as Yoga does
10:05am Trailer   Another Day, Another Man Wild World of Mondo Movie Music
10:07am Leonard Rosenman   Combat!
10:16am Masaru Satoh   H-Man - The Magic Begins
10:19am PSA - Lottery
10:19am Basil Poledouris   Flight of the Intruder
10:29am Alex North   The Misfits
10:44am Kojak
10:44am Carl Davis   Napoleon
10:53am Alan Silvestri   Back to the Future
10:56am Trailer   Angry Red Planet
10:57am Frede Grofe   Rocketship X-M
11:01am Bear McCreary   Human Target
11:01am Fredrick Hollander   5000 Fingers of Dr T
11:05am National Lampoon Radio Hour   Care packages to Europe
11:08am Sestry Sisters   Red Hot Mama
11:09am Drawn Out Drama   DoD #2
11:10am John Williams   Empire Strikes Back - Darth Vader's Theme
11:17am The 20th Century theme
11:17am Trailer   I saw what you did
11:20am Vangelis   Hymn
11:24am Velvet Touch
11:27am Henry Mancini   Without a Clue
11:27am Psychotronix   Stooges for Simonize
11:31am Ted Cassidy   The Lurch
11:31am Firesign Theatre   Anything you want it
11:33am Bernard Herrmann   The Egyptian
11:37am Elmer Bernstein   Sweet Smell of Success - The Street
11:38am Patric Caird   Secret Life of Long Tack Sam
11:46am Michael Giacchino   UP! - Married Life
11:51am Laurie Johnson   Avengers - Invasion of the earth men
11:55am Danny Elfman   Sleepy Hollow - New Day
11:55am Hang on to Your Lids, Kids
11:58am Fred Steiner   Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
11:58am Alice Faye   I'll see you in my dreams