greta clue

Monday 2 April 2012 1:56am to 5:55am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
45 Grave   Partytime Sleep in Safety
Suburban Lawns   My Boyfriend Gidget Goes to Hell
Black Bug   Black Bug
Unnatural Helpers   Blackmarks Untitled
Nuns, the   Wild
Only Ones, the   Trouble in the World
Bare Wires   Don't Ever Change Cheap Perfume
Lonesome Savages, The   All Outta Love All Outta Love
Oblivian, Greg & the Tip-Tops   Pretty Baby S/T
Tuurd   Eating Ice Cream With Satan I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty
Nice Face   Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation Mnemonic Device
Plastic Crimewave Sound   Hibiscus Blue / End of Cloud Pt. 1 Plastic Crimewave Sound/Yonkers, Michael
Sun City Girls   Carl the Barber Sun City Girls
Thee American Revolution   Haircut Buddha Electrostorm
The Wrong Words   What Went Wrong?
The Zeros   Thing For You
Terry Malts   Nauseous Killing Time
Off!   Jeffery Lee Pierce First Four Eps
Phantom Limbs, the   Shut Up Old Man Fleshies/The Phantom L
Nudelman, David and the Wild B   I Want that Girl I Want That Girl
Reactors   It's Not Important It's Not Important
Headcoats, Thee   The Earl of Suave Earl of Suave, the
Feral Beat   Cold Lover Cold Lover
Red Mass   To All The Good People to All The Good People
Pampers   Monkey Drip Pampers
Dante Vs. Zombies   Branded By Nuns
Kids of Widney High, The   New Car Special Music From Special Kids
Kids of Widney High, The   Teddy Bear Special Music From Special Kids
Miki Zone Zoo   These Boots Are Made For Walking
Megira, Charlie & The Modern Dance Club   (Used to Be...) Psychic Youth Love Police
Joyce Collingwood   Oil Spill Joyce Collingwood
Silver Apples   I Don't Know Silver Apples/ One Cut Kill
Feeling of Love, The   I Am Right, You Are Wrong Dissolve Me
Nervous Gender   Green Tile Floors Gestalt / Green Tile Floors
Zips, The   I'm In Love Zips, The
Lord Kitchener   My Wife's Nightie London Is The Place For Me 2
X-Ray Specs   Identity
Renderers, The   The Shining Life a Rocket Into Nothing
Holydrug Couple   Ancient Land Ancient Land, The
Bronze   The Rouge Became
Yard Trauma   Eyes
Annihilation Time   Reality? Cosmic Unconsciousness
Apache Dropout   Sister Burnout
Sensitive Side, The   Go Ahead Moon Kids
XTC   Life
Death Sentence: Panda!   Wild Thing Puppy, Kitty, Or Both
White Hills   I Write a Thousand Letters Frying On This Rock
Weiland, Collin Gorman   Price of Leather Price of Leather
Simovic & Drajec (soundtrack)   B Sexworld
Sudden, Nikki   Ringing on My Train Back to the Start
Yachts   Now I'm Spoken For..
Vril   Howlin' Vril
Surface Music   I Am a Janitor I Am a Janitor
Wilson, Gary   Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach You Think You Really Know Me
Starlite Desperation   Shut My Door Starlite Desperation/S
The Swingin' Medalions   Double Shot Of My Baby's Love
Francis, Winston   Venus Mr. Fix It
Lee, Arthur   Love Jumped Through My Window Love Jumped Through My Window/Sad Song
Barn Owl   Turiya Lost In The Glare
Death in June   Till the Living Flesh Is Guilty Have no Pride, the
Organs of Love   BONE Bone
Nurses   Hearts Hearts
Younger Lovers, The   The Boy From Leeds 4/4 Kick...and Let The BEAT RIDE!
The Fall