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Lucy Lithium

Sunday 1 July 2012 2:56am to 5:57am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Roman Bathhouse   Dawn When It Hurts Las Vegas Dirge Hactivist Media
Oliveros, Pauline   Beautiful Soop Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop Pogus
Beckett, Samuel   Company 4 Whole Thing's Coming..., the Intermedium
Black to Comm   The Children Earth De Stijl Records
Naked Neutered Noisicians   Icon Audio Odditions Magazine CD Kompilation #1 Discorporeality Recordings
Miranda July w/ the Need   Margie Ruskie Stops Time (7")
Mekons/Kathy Acker   Captured By Pirates Pussy, King of the Pirates Quarterstick Records
Aloonaluna   Locusts Kiss Bunny Hooker Vision
Actress   IWAAD R.I.P. Honest Jon's
Faith and the Muse   Nine Dragons Ankoku Butoh
Innergaze   Is This Your Love? Mutual Dreaming Cititrax
Jay Lumen   Gotta Get It Groovy Stuff, The 100% Pure
People Like Us   Live at Cosmos Qualipy Disc
Antony and the Johnsons   Swanlights Swanlights
QNTAL   Glacies Translucida
Amos, Tori   The Chase Night of Hunters
Allerseelen   Schwartzstinckend Gifft Schwarzer Rab Aorta
Flossie and the Unicorns   The Bee's Secret Formula Animal's Clubhouse, the Rhinestone
Dreams, The   Sick Palm Dub Morbido kill shaman
Umbrella Bed   You Don't Need Me 7" single
Umbrella Bed   Mas Chulo Que Tu One Small Skank For Man...
Kacirek, Sven   Narratives Inside The Pieces Scarlet Pitch Dreams Pingipung
Masloboev, Evgeny / Masloboeva, Anastasia   Kukushechka/Mamushka Russian Folksongs In The Key of Sadness Leo Records
Six Dead Bulgarians vs Moon Far Away   Volna Shumit Matitsa
Japanese Koto Orchestra   Otone No Nagare Ni Sote (Along The Grand Tone River) Five Kotos, Hoteki, Shamisen and Shakuhachu Lyrichord Discs, Inc