Six Degrees of Hatred

Sunday 24 March 2013 6:05am to 8:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Illusion of Safety   Speed Brutality Honesty Bad Karma Soleilmoon Recordings
6:12am Null, K.K. + Daniel Menche   15:11 Raijin Asphodel
Illusion of Safety   Fuck Reality Bad Karma Soleilmoon Recordings
6:17am One Dark Eye   Sudden Movement of Rigid Devices Americanoise Mother Savage Noise Prod.
6:20am Actuary   Only Ghosts Hate New Things Freak Hallucinations Love Earth Music
Radio Free Clear Light   Ohgel Labyrinth of Ohgel, The Black Note Music
B. Bravo & Teeko   Drop It! Surreal Estate Frite Nite
Karjalan Sissit   ja verkkaritkin haisse koskenkorvalle
6:36am Ultra Flat Black   Am I Blind? Ultra Flat Black Self-released
Mi and L'au   Limouzine If Beauty Is a Crime Important Records
6:45am Ulher, Birgit/Rodrigues, Ernesto/Santos, Carlos   The Third Man Doppelganger Creative Sources Recording
6:53am Incapacitants   Necklacing Japanese American Nois Relapse
6:59am Author & Punisher   Terrorbird Ursus Americanus
Lugubrum   Outro: Zwavelzwijnen
7:04am Lugubrum   Lingering Emptiness De Zuivering / I, Unclean
Enbilulugugal   Necrokvntpuke Noizemongers For Goatserpent
7:09am Endless Dismal Moan   Calamitous Day Ruin
Hair Police   Thiefs Spring Mercurial Rites
7:20am Stetson, Colin & Gustafsson, Mats   Stones That Rest Heavily Stones Rune Grammofon
7:24am Clyne, Anna   Beauty Blue Moth Tzadik
7:26am Makoto, Kawabata & a Qui Avec Gabriel   a Priest of Nothingness Under The Moon Golden Tree Important Records
7:33am Dead Reptile Shrine   Winterforest Winterforest
Redshape   Until We Burn Feat. Space Ape Square Running Back
Quin, Douglas   77 deg 37' S 165 deg 48' E (Seals, Orcas, Ice Fractures) Fathom TAIGA Records
Naked Whipper   Pagan Pussy Gore Intruder Pain Streaks
7:49am Anal Cunt   A.C. Side of Split With 7" .M.O.N Early Years 1988-1991 Ng Records
Procreation   Darkest Force Incantations of Demonic Lust for Corpses of the Fallen
7:58am Procreation   Tomb of Assyria Incantations of Demonic Lust for Corpses of the Fallen
Tenebrous Infernal Abyss   Meter, Fumar, Beber e Blasfemar Puro ?dio de Satanas no Tenebroso Abismo Infernal
8:01am Tenebrous Infernal Abyss   Satanic Lust Empire Puro ?dio de Satanas no Tenebroso Abismo Infernal
8:06am Stratum Terror   Nerve Short Circuit Pain Implantations Malignant Records
8:07am Price, Vincent   How to Make a Pact With The Devil Witchcraft ~ Magic Capitol Records
8:16am Sudden Infant   Angelic Agony Invocation of The Aural Slave Gods Blossoming Noise
8:22am Joyless   Your Crystal Fragments Baklengs Mot Stupet
8:27am Ecid   I Heart Gravity Werewolf Hologram Fill In The Breaks
8:30am Jennings, Shooter   The Low Road Other Life, The Koch International Lp
8:33am City of Salt   Return of The Absent Towers Open Fire Majmua Music
8:40am Impulse International, The   Tear Down My Walls Point of Action Deranged
8:43am Apogee Sound Club   Norfucked Lifestyle Obsession Thrillhouse
Bromp Treb   Alarm Rung Dubs Absoludicrous Ormolycka
8:45am Chris & Cosey   The Need Collectiv One World Serpent Dist.
8:53am Abigail   Beer! Metal! Sex! Ultimate Unholy Death Nuclear War Now! Product
Satan's Scourge, The   Necrosadistical Feast of Flesh Satan's Scourge, The Nuclear War Now! Product
Overstreet, Rev. Louis   There Is No Future In Gaining The World and Losing Your Soul There's No Future In Gaining The World and Losing Your Soul Mississippi Records