Sly Masterson

Thursday 19 June 2014 5:59am to 9:57am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:01am Prince, Robert   dead simple
6:02am Burning Witch   Tower Place Crippled Lucifer Southern Lord Recordings
6:07am Wreck of The Hesperus   Kill Monument Light Rotting Out Aesthetic Death Records
6:14am Ghazala, Quabais Reed   Silence the Tongues of Proph Gravikords, Whirlies & Ellipsis Arts...
6:15am Takemitsu, Toru (soundtrack)   Funeral Music Film Music Of, the Nonesuch Records
6:16am Buzzov*en   Dying Out HyrdaHead Records
6:18am Thrones, the   Mercuric Alraune Communion
6:30am Thoth, S.K.   The Dream of Qaru-Va Tone Poems of the Festad Dhejuti Records
6:30am NRIII   The Vultures of Bones Algea, The Prison Tatt Records
6:33am Greymachine   Wasted HyrdaHead Records
6:42am T.O.M.B.   Maz Ov The Damd PENNHURST / XESSE Crucial Blast
6:43am Thorr's Hammer   Norge Dommedagsnatt Southern Lord Recordings
6:53am Ethiopia, 1971   Drum Dirge Mystic Soundz of Afrika Lost In Space Records
6:54am Neurosis   Prayer HyrdaHead Records
6:59am Katechon   Endless Funeral Man, God, Giant Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:03am Hopkins, Sarah   Kindred Spirits Gravikords, Whirlies & Ellipsis Arts...
7:03am Ethiopia, 1967   Flute Ensemble Mystic Soundz of Afrika Lost In Space Records
7:04am Moult, Richard & Colohan, David   IV hexameron Time Released Sound
7:14am Orthodox   Arrodillante Ante La Madera y La Pierda Southern Lord Records
7:24am R.Y.N.   Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy Equation Records
7:26am Theologian   Unfamiliar Skies Further I Get..., The Crucial Blast
7:34am Om   Flight of The Eagle Conference Live Important Records
7:58am 3:33   BB-10 Bicameral Brain Parallel Thought
7:58am Noothgrush   Oil Removed Live For Nothing Southern Lord Recordings
8:02am Primitive Man   Astral Sleep Scorn Relapse Records
8:06am Novak, Yann   Snowfall Snowfall Dragon's Eye Recordings
8:11am Esoteric   Creation(Through Destruction) Aesthetic Death Productions
8:24am Ensemble Nipponia   Kanjincho Japan Kabuki & Other Traditional Music Nonesuch Records
8:24am Emptyset   Origin Recur Raster-Noton
8:30am Interference Pattern   Gimp Dirge Nocturne Concrete Unit Circle Rekkids
8:39am Ensemble Pearl   Painting On a Corpse Ensemble Pearl Drag City
8:43am Corrupted   El Mundo Frio El Mundo Frio Hg Fact
9:01am Thou   Monstrance Tyrant Gilead Media
9:07am Seers   Untitled From The Beginning... Until The End Misanthropic Agenda
9:10am Sleep   Stillborn Volume One Very Small Records
9:16am Earth   Seven Angels Earth 2 Sub Pop Records
9:25am Weisman, Chris   Double Ife Maya Properties Feeding Tube Records
9:26am Black Sabbath   Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Warner Brothers
9:29am Murderer   I Never Believed In Me/We May Be Unkind Aastha Cnc Records
9:30am Shoemaker, Matt   Fuse Error Phantom Soundtrack For Dislocation Elevator Bath
9:31am Boris   Farewell Pink Southern Lord Recordings
9:44am SunnO)))+Nurse With Wound   Dysnystaxis Iron Soul Ov Nothing Southern Lord