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Number 6

Friday 20 June 2014 6:01am to 9:53am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Mustafio   Little Mustafio Family Bastard, The Stinko Productions
Hope, Bob   Civil Defense Spot: Pattern of Survival Atomic Platters disc 1 Bear Family Records
Die Like a Dog Quartet   3'52" Aoyama Crows Fmp Records
6:10am Dr. Mint   Submerge Visions and Nightmares Pfmentum
6:11am Msbr / Kengo Iuchi   Live on 23-05-'98 (Uplink) One Alien 8 Recordings
6:20am Death Yell   Heavenly Injustice (live) Morbid Rites Nuclear War Now! Productions
Dr. Mint   Duel In The Deep Visions and Nightmares Pfmentum
6:30am Deacon, Dan   Woof Woof Bromst Carpark Records
3:33   BB-5 Bicameral Brain Parallel Thought
Hair & Skin Trading Co   Deeps Go Round Beggars Banquet
6:41am Brutal Blues   Tradisjon Brutal Blues Drid Machine Records
Craig, Carl / Von Oswald, Moritz   Berlin Meets NY (Kevorkian/Von Oswald Mix) Recomposed Remixes Universal Music Classics and Jazz
Butthole Surfers   Beat the Press Butthole Surfers Capitol Records
6:56am O'Rourke, Jim   Welcome to The Django Part One Old News # 7 Editions Mego
Pengo   Circular Firing Squad (Part1) Counterfeit Memories Nashazphone
7:18am Chrome Jackson   Glass Fight Chrome Forest Skin Graft Records
Tilly, Thomas   Hyla, Nana Script Geometry Aposiopese
A Sailor Went To Sea
7:38am Wold   Throwing Star Postsocial Profound Lore
7:46am Guida, Claudio / Testa, Marcello ONE Plus ONE   Steps Platform One dEN Records
7:51am Johnson, Dexter and le Super Star de Dakar   Angelitos Negros Live a l'Etoile
Jack Off Nimble
8:01am Brobdingnagian   Excuse Me, I Need to Speak to You Backpfelfengesicht Self Release
cv313   Luna Petra Dimensional Space
8:16am Wren, Vincent   Today Yesterday + Today Erototox Decodings
Fennesz   Sav Becs Editions Mego
8:29am A.B.N.T.R.   Untitled 02 Demo MMVIII Hatehatehate Tapes
8:37am Woima Collective   Oufro 'kuo Frou Frou Rokko Kindred Spirits
Egon   Bold Soul Curse of The Evil Badger Stones Throw
8:42am Feel No Other   My Brother's Guns and Knives S/t Silber Records
8:46am Cute Heels   SV Forest Spiritual Dark Entries
8:51am Propergol   A Map For the End
8:58am Lonberg-Holm, Fred Trio   East of Uz Other Valentines Atavistic
9:03am Anal Cunt   Cop Calling Faggot
9:05am Flynt, Henry   Double Spindizzy Graduation and Other New Country and Blues Music Ampersand
9:11am Flaming Youth   The Planets Arc 2
Bill Converse   Baboonatic Brainclub Vol. 2 HoloDeck
9:22am Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh   Nekromentia Chapter 666
9:28am Gold Panda   An English House Half of Where You Live Ghostly International
Sato, Minoru (m/s, SASW) + ASUNA   Weaving Seven Resonances: With Raw Stereo Material Texture In Glass Tubes and Reed Organ Spekk
Electric Bird Noise   Two Kind of Black Silber Records
9:39am Hedvig Mollestad Trio   arigato, bitch Enfant Terrible
9:47am Asian Women On The Telephone   Vagner of Love Ivan Feeding Tube Records
Msbr / Kengo Iuchi   Psychic Blue One Alien 8 Recordings