Number 6

Saturday 21 June 2014 3:05pm to 5:53pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Warhol, Andy   uh no uh yes
3:07pm Evil Moisture/Olympic Shit Man   Untitled Carnal Hostess Halitosis, Live Run In Storialpolis Greece Dolor Del Estamago
3:08pm Rota, Nino   La Danse De Signes (Monkey's Dance) Fellini Satyricon United Artists (Old)
Seacrypt   Passerby Seekers Falco Invernale Records
3:16pm 3:33   BB2-9 Bicameral Brain Parallel Thought
3:18pm Coagul   La Ma De La Benediccio La Roda De La Jucticia Magia Roja
R.Y.N.   Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy Equation Records
Armand Hammer   Hatchet Job Race Music
3:33   BB-11 Bicameral Brain Parallel Thought
3:38pm Persson, Bo Anders   Piece II Love Is Here To Stay
3:40pm Redford, Robert   Combined Sounds of The Wolf Language and Music of The Wolves, The Tonsil Records
Fistula   Mutant Tooth Loser Patac
3:50pm Harassor   Promise of Fire Harrassor/Glass Coffin Self Release
3:55pm Mutiilation   Under Ardailles Night Vampires of Black Imperial Blood Drakkar Productions
Sanders, Sam   Love's Gain Mirror, RorriM 180-Proof Records
4:03pm Davis, Moot   Food Stamps Goin' In Hot Crow Town Records
4:07pm Keef Baker   Sailing The Goat Sea pen fifteen Hymen Records
4:11pm Higuchi, Keiko / Cris X   Sister/You Left Me So Insane Melt Musik Atlach
4:14pm Moult, Richard & Colohan, David   I hexameron Time Released Sound
4:18pm Derogatory   Foretold In My House of Seance Above All Else/Demo 2011 FDA Rekotz
4:22pm Deathgrave   Brutal Demo Earhammer
Skelethal   Putrefaction Morbid Ovation Self-released
4:32pm Modeselektor   I'm Not Into Twerk, I'm Into KrafTwerk Bleep:10 Bleep
T.O.M.B.   Audi Alteram Partem PENNHURST / XESSE Crucial Blast
4:33pm Wren, Vincent   Stairway/the Black Suns Yesterday + Today Erototox Decodings
4:38pm T.O.M.B.   Pennhurst PENNHURST / XESSE Crucial Blast
4:46pm Untold   That Horn Track Bleep:10 Bleep
Constrain / Fenian   Rapid Decline Part 3 Rapid Decline Angry Island
4:53pm Ellis, Alton   Breaking Up Ba Ba Boom Duke Reid Trojan Records
Tapehead Cleaner   (A) Untitled Tapehead Cleaner Lewcid Joosebox
5:01pm SRMNS   You Are My Diease Demo Hash Crimes Dispensary
5:02pm Submissions   Sunken II Skrot Up
5:06pm Velvet Cacoon   Grevona P Aa Opal Poere Pr. 33 Starlight Temple Society
5:15pm Blanche Blanche Blanche   Heart and Soul Heart and Soul / Map of The City Feeding Tube Records
5:18pm Allerseelen   Funke Allerseelen/O Paradis Aorta
5:21pm Canibus   The Primary Axiom Fait Accompli
5:23pm O Paradis   El Astro Rey Allerseelen/O Paradis Aorta
5:28pm Sopors   No Solution Sopors Margin Mouth
5:30pm Tilly, Thomas   Reference recording Script Geometry Aposiopese
5:43pm Corrupted   El Mundo Frio El Mundo Frio Hg Fact