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Pillar of Salt

Friday 12 September 2014 1:56am to 6:01am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
1:56am Ondar, Kongar-Ool   Medley of Throat-Singing Sty Deep in the Heart of T Ellipsis Arts...
2:08am Kucharczyk   Kol Lorro Best Fail Compilation Monotype
2:24am Kuular, Oleg   Collection of Hoomei Styles Deep in the Heart of T Ellipsis Arts...
2:24am Oliveros, Pauline   Rattlesnake Mountain Accordion & Voice Important Records
2:33am Oliveros, Pauline   Beautiful Soop Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop Pogus
2:47am Strategy   Osmosis Pressure Wassure Peak Oil
3:01am Gamelan Jegog Werdi Sentana   Tabuh Gegenderan Between Heaven and Earth Silva Screen Records Ltd.
3:05am Hospital People   Crash S/T Duck Suit
3:11am Sumerian Fleet   Just Pressure Just Pressure Dark Entries
3:30am Miss Murgatroid   Shadows on My Wall Shadows on My Wall Worry Bird Disk
3:30am Miss Murgatroid   Hell to Hell to Heavens to Hell Yeah
3:33am Manzoor Ahmed & Murid Hussain   Seraiki Dhun Land of the Sufis Shanachie Entertainment
4:03am Miss Murgatroid   The Dead Magician Shadows on My Wall Worry Bird Disk
3:37am Solinski, Joseph   Rumanische Fantasien (Pt. 1) Klezmer Music 1908-27 Arhoolie Productions
4:03am House of The Seven Uncles   The Halay (Heavy Style) Salam Alay - The Sound of Armenian Diaspora 1969-79 Worldwild Productions
3:50am Pascal   Untitled 4 Nihilist Chakai House Discombobulate
4:03am La'om   A Glezele Vayn Klesmer Music: the Mar Ellipsis Arts...
4:02am Lin Jaldati   Mein Sohn
4:05am Valente, Antonio   Recercata Del Terzo Tono Renaissance Clavichord II, The Titanic
4:05am Charming Hostess   Aish Ye Kdish Punch Rer Megacorp
4:10am Show of Bedlam   Itamu Roont Choking Hazard Records
Intro   Rajasthan Train Ride Rajasthan Street Music Sublime Frequencies
4:39am Pamela Z   In Tymes of Olde A Delay Is Better Starkland
4:39am Pamela Z   The Muni Section A Delay Is Better Starkland
4:42am Merkey, Madalyn   Pluto Valley Girl New Images
4:54am Tarnation   The Well Gentle Creatures 4AD
5:04am Akbayram, Edip   Bosu Bosuna Edip Akbayram Pharaway Sounds
5:04am Amos, Tori   Whole Lotta Live
5:06am Need, the   Resurrection Toyo Records...Structure Of... Toyo Records
5:17am Radigue, Eliane   Stress-Osaka Feedback Works 1969-1970 Alga Marghen
Amos, Tori   The Maids of Elfen-Mere Unrepentant Geraldines
5:29am Visotzky / Zawodnik / Guy / Pauset / Alarcon   Schizzo I Schizzi Di Orlando Furioso Neos
5:46am Zen-Drivers   ugh Made In China Self Release?
Radigue, Eliane   Omnht Feedback Works 1969-1970 Alga Marghen
Guacitepec Flutist, Drum, Mandolin, Guitarist   Flute and Drum, Tenengo Modern Mayan: The Indian Music of Chiapas, Mexico Moi J'Connais Records
5:41am Swanika   11.06.1964 8:54 Uhr Volkhoven Pflichtkauf
5:47am Kaltsoum, Oum   1926 - Kam Baatna Vol. II (1926-1927-1928) Club Du Disque Arabe
5:54am MW Ensemble   Film 6-songs 75 Or Less Records