Friday 3 July 2015 2:27am to 6:05am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Kicker   Walking Headache Not You Tankcrimes
Ivy   Boy's Gotta Go Ivy Wharf Cat Records
Dog Party   Lipstick Lips Vol. 4 Asian Man Records
Nuklear Blast Suntan   Prophetic Visions Prophetic Visions SPHC
Windmills By The Ocean   Untitled 5 Windmills By The Ocean Robotic Empire
2:30am Black Bombaim   Arabia Far Out Lovers & Lollypops Cardinal Fuzz
2:44am Stone, Carl   Shing Kee
2:59am Aritomo   Shinda Cho Cho Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages Blackest Rainbow Records
3:05am Camden, Ken   Adenosine Dream Memory Kranky
3:09am Hazylujah   Acqua Amara How Can You Hide From What Never Goes Away? R&S
3:16am Valet   Sunday Nature Kranky
3:22am Basinski, William   Vivian & Ondine
3:46am Fevre, Bernard   Space Team Cosmos 2043 Alter K
3:47am Ruscigan   Arabesque Viaggio Nel Domani Dagored
3:48am Umiliani, Piero   Nello Spazio L'uomo Nello Spazio Dagored
3:52am Western Hands   Slapy Odontoceti Self-release
3:55am Wume   We Go Further Maintain Ehse Records
4:02am Vuagniaux, Anthony Cedric   Le Naure Nageur Le Clan Des Guimauves Plombage Records
4:05am Crocodiles   Transylvania Boys Zoo Music
4:10am Callenberg   It's Over For Me Bailout Shop, The Bend Records
4:15am Grande Bois, The   Meltdown Meltdown Self-release
4:19am Chadwick, Sarah Mary   Same Old Fires 9 Classic Tracks Siltbreeze Records
4:25am Eno, Brian   Thursday Afternoon Thursday Afternoon
5:00am Beat Detectives   Roaring Lion Climate Change Not not Fun Records
5:04am Peron, Carlos   Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted Dirty Songs Dark Entries
5:10am Slint   Washer Spiderland Touch and Go Records
5:15am Tucker, Maureen   Around & Around Will You Still Love Me Tomorr? Trashcan Records
5:19am Sleep   Stillborn Volume One Very Small Records
5:24am Thrones   Side 1 Wage War B/w Trmph Lfe Conspiracy Records
5:33am Ariel Pink   She's My Girl Haunted Graffiti 6 / Loverboy Cooler
Reed, Lou   Berlin Berlin RCA Records
5:48am Costello, Elvis   Welcome to the Working Week My Aim Is True
5:50am Oliveros, Pauline   Deep Listening Deep Listening