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Sir Cumference

Saturday 26 December 2015 8:46am to 12:07pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Band of the Grenadier Guards   Monty Python's Flying Circus
9:04am Blue Peter
9:05am European Sound Stage Orchestra   Orlando
9:08am Barry Gray   Thunderbirds
9:14am Alan Parker   Dempsey & Makepeace
9:17am Burton Rock Group   Three of a Kind
9:23am Justin Hayward   Star Cops
9:26am Fiachra Trench   K-9 and Company
9:29am John Barry   Juke Box Jury
9:31am Barry Gray   Captain Scarlet
9:38am Johnny Dankworth   The Avengers
9:40am Edwin Astley   Danger Man
9:42am Robert Farnon, Wilfres Josephs, Ron Grainer   The Prisoner
9:50am Simon May Orchestra   Eastenders
9:53am Ken Freeman   Casualty
9:54am Ron Grainer   That Was the Week That Was
9:56am Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire   Doctor Who
10:00am Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise   Bring Me Sunshine
10:02am Bud Flanagan   Dad's Army
10:03am Leonhardt and His Orchestra   The Unforgettable...
10:07am Ronnie Hazelhurst   The Two Ronnies
10:14am Derek Scott Music   Hancock
10:17am The Goodies   The Goodies
10:24am Howard Goodall   Not the Nine O'Clock News
10:27am Johnny Keating and the Z-Men   Z-Cars
10:32am Ronnie Hazelhurst   The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin
10:35am Dudley Simpson   Blake's 7
10:39am Tony Hatch   Sportsnight
10:46am Howard Goodall   Red Dwarf
10:51am Mike Vickers   The Adventures of Don Quick
10:56am Edwin Astley   The Saint
10:58am Neil Richardson Orchestra   Mastermind
11:00am Jimmy Smith   Money Programme
11:03am Patrick Gowers   Sherlock Holmes
11:04am David Arnold   Sherlock
11:11am Graham De Wilde   Whicker's World
11:14am Johnny Pearson   ITV News at Ten
11:21am Johnny Pearson   Superstars
11:23am Johnny Pearson   All Creatures Great and Small
11:25am David Arnold & Nina Persson   Randal & Hopkirk (Deceased)
11:29am Ken Freeman   The Tripods
11:32am Laurie Johnson   The Avengers
11:40am Fonteyn/Boosey & Hawkes   Ski Sunday
11:42am Alan Hawkshaw   Dave Allen At Large
11:43am Vic Reeves   Shaun the Sheep
11:46am Barry Gray   Fireball XL-5
11:49am Ben Foster   Thunderbirds are Go!
11:53am Johnny Hawksworth   Salute to Thames
11:53am Harry South   The Sweeny
11:56am Alan Tew   Doctor in the House
11:57am Ray Russel   A Bit of a Do