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Ophelia Necro

Sunday 8 May 2016 9:59pm to 2:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm HG Lewis   Official Warning Eyepopping Sounds of HG Lewis Birdman
10:03pm Burwell, Carter   Mother Psycho III MCA
10:11pm Carpenter, John   The Fog Enters Town The Fog Death Waltz Recording Co
10:16pm Carpenter, John   Main Title Escape From New York Varese Sarabande
10:20pm Carpenter, John/Howarth, Alan   Christine Attacks Christine Motown
10:22pm Carpenter, John   Main Title Assault on Precinct 13 Death Waltz
10:30pm Carpenter, John   Side B Dark Star WRWTFWW
10:58pm Segundo, Martin and the Scintilla Strings   When Twillight Falls on NBC 891 Dark Star Red Alien 7" WRWTFWW
11:01pm Carpenter, John   Night Lost Themes Sacred Bones
11:04pm Jesus, Zola & Hurley, Dean   Night (Re-Mix) Lost Themes Remixed Sacred Bones
11:08pm Carpenter, John   White Pulse Lost Themes II Sacred Bones
11:16pm Lynch, David & Spiel, Alan R.   Side B Eraserhead Sacred Bones
11:24pm Morris, John   The Nightmare The Elephant Man Pacific Arts
11:28pm Lynch, David/Toto   Prologue/Main Title Dune Polydor
11:32pm Badalamenti, Angelo & Lynch, David   Mysteries of Love (Instrumental) Blue Velvet Varese Sarabande
11:41pm Vincent, Gene   Be-Bop-A-Lula Wild at Heart Capitol Records
11:44pm Cruise, Julee   Falling Twin Peaks Warner Bros.
11:47pm Hess, David Alexander   Wait For the Rain Last House on the Left One Way Static
11:49pm Peake, Don   M1-1 The Hills Have Eyes One Way Static
11:55pm Bernstein, Charles   Prologue/Main Title Nightmare on Elm Street Varese Sarabande
12:02am Glass, Philip   The Slave Quarters Candyman 2 One Way Static
12:05am Coil   Side B Consequences of Raising Hell Solar Lodge
12:16am Hellraiser (soundtrack)   End Title Hellraiser BMI
12:25am Melvins   Dies Iraea (long Version) Sludge Glamorous From The Nursery
12:33am Goldsmith, Jerry   Ave Santari The Omen Tattoo
12:34am Holm, Michael   Liebesthema/Haut An Haut Mark of the Devil One Way Static
12:40am Kopp, Hermann   Supper Nekromantik One Way Static
12:45am Vampyros Lesbos (soundtrack)   Countdown to Nowhere Vampyros Lesbos Motel Records
12:51am Goblin   Suspiria/Tenebre Goblin Tour EP 2013 Death Waltz
1:03am Delia, Joe   Voices 2 Ms 45 Death Waltz
1:09am Frizzi, Fabio   Voci dal nulla The Beyond Death Waltz/Mondo
1:12am Frizzi, Fabio   Sequence 6 Zombie Flesh Eaters Death Waltz
1:19am Gizzi, Claudio   Old Age of Dracula (Main Titles) Andy Warhol's Blood for Dracula Dagored
1:22am Bishop, Alan (Alvarius B)   Dracula Frizzi Blood Operatives of the Barium Abduction
1:25am Gizzi, Claudio   Old Age of Dracula #2 Andy Warhol's Blood For Dracula Dagored
1:31am Morricone, Ennio   Magic & Ecstacy Exorcist II The Heretic Warner Brothers
1:35am Morricone, Ennio   Il Buio Crime and Dissonance Ipecac Recordings
1:38am Morricone, Ennio   Paranoia Prima Death Proof Warner Borthers
1:42am Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack)   The Evil Thriller Collection, the Beat Records
1:44am Goldsmith, Jerry   The Murder Psycho 2 MCA Records
1:45am Herrman, Bernard   Psycho ( a Narrative For Orchestra) Great Movie Thrillers London