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Coffin Cold Department

Sunday 13 November 2016 10:02pm to 2:03am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm Ratline FTR#666
11:00pm Ke/Hil   Mirror Of The World of Mirrors Hellstation Tesco
11:09pm Terror Organ   Death Factory Machinery Necromechanics War Hammer
11:13pm Consumer Electronics   murder your masters Dollhouse Songs Harbinger Sound
11:20pm Smohalla   L'Homme et la brume Resilience Arx Productions
11:25pm Vordr   Crystal Lakes II Nykta
11:28pm Moloch   Die Letzten Strahlen Der Sonne Verblassen In Der K??lte Der Moloch/ Moonknight Rising Beast Recordings
11:34pm Lorn   Through Artery of Ice Towards The Abyss of Disease Eerie Art Records
11:42pm Menace Ruine   Bonded By Wyrd Cult of Ruins Alien 8 Recordings
11:54pm Necromantia   Scarlet Witching Screams Scarlet Evil, Witching Black Black Lotus
12:00am Crowhurst   Dead Planets Memory-loss Ivory Antler
12:05am Prurient   Military Road Pleasure Ground Load Records
12:16am Sore Throat   Something that Never Was Never Mind the Napalm Here's.. Weasel Records
12:18am Voivod   Nuclear War War and Pain Hymen Records
12:26am Judas Priest   Solar Angels Point of Entry Columbia
12:30am Mortuous   Subjugation of Will Demo 2012 Transylvanian Tapes
12:35am Lucifugum   Zhalo Slomaju Tuskloj Vojny Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism
12:38am Sesso Violento   Untitled 4 Molestador Prison Tatt Records
12:42am Root   Zjeveni Dema Lava Productions
12:49am Katechon   Black Rain Man, God, Giant Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:54am Dressed In Streams   History Vanishes The Search For Blood Colloquial Sound Recordings
1:04am Sewer Goddess   My Grave Painlust Malignant Records
1:08am Deathpile   Shit Pig Final Confession Chrome Peeler Records
1:13am Dilloway, Aaron   Side One Infinite Lucifer Hanson Records
1:25am Atrium Carceri   A Place to Call Home Ptahil Cold Meat Industry
1:35am Mother Destruction   Odr Teknoir Hymen
1:40am P/D(B)   Foetor Ex Ore (Remixed 1995) Foetor Ex Ore Bastet Recordings
1:45am Cohen, Leonard   Side A Various Positions Passport Records