abacus finch

Sunday 25 December 2016 12:02pm to 3:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Statler Brothers   I Believe in Santa Clause The Statler Brother Christmas Card mercury
12:02pm Asmorod   Glass No Kamen II: Vitreous Structures Derelict Tesco Organisation
12:16pm Funk Inc.   Kool Is Back Funk Inc. Prestige/Folklore
12:18pm Amputator   Scumpuke Warlust Intolerance Deathsquads Old Cemetery
12:24pm Guerineau, Sylvain/Kent Carter/Itaru Oki/Makoto Sato   Bateau Phare D'une Rive a L'autre Improvising Beings
12:29pm Meirino, Francisco   end Surrender, Render, End Helen Scarsdale Agency
12:40pm Amalthea   Under The Red Flag of The Dragon Amalthea II Cloister Recordings
12:53pm Bizarre Uproar   Xenophobinen Ejakulaatio Likainen Ehtoollinen Urashima
1:01pm Paranoid   Nangijala (Shigo No Sekai) Satyagraha Southern Lord Recordings
1:04pm MNDSGN   Homewards Yawn Zen Stones Throw
Chorus and Soloists of Novosibirsk   Good For Them, Who Do Not Walk the Way of the Godless Music of the Taiga Summit Records
1:09pm Van Hoen, Mark   a Glimmer of Forgotten Ancestors Last Flowers From The Darkness, The Medical Records
Artemiev, Eduard   Movement 15 Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris Superior Viaduct
1:20pm Blodfest   Dernaest Det Dode Lejres Fald Red Stream
1:25pm Nunslaughter   Church Bizarre (Alternate Mix 1995) Demoslaughter Hells Headbangers Records
Baird, James   Brown Thrasher Edge of the Meadow, The Droll Yankees
1:28pm Colley, Joe   Triptych For Paranoia Calibration Anthem Misanthropic Agenda
1:44pm Ascension   a 13 LP Fusetron
Korpses Katatonik   Chorozon Beast 666 & The Archangels of Sex, The Nekrophile Records
2:01pm Derbyshire, Delia/Barry Bermange   Colour Inventions For Radio: The Dreams Psychic Sound Recordings
Blacula   Baadasssss Breaks Vol.2 Yosumi Records
2:07pm Inade   Legion of God Samadhi State Loki Foundation
2:16pm Keen, Robert Earl   I Gotta Go Live Dinner Reunion Dualtone Nashville
Extreme Misanthropy Crew   Revelations 1B Revelations One 3BS Records
2:18pm Cartilage   Dialect of The Dead It's Necrotic Transylvanian Tapes
2:23pm Sturqen   Kivi Cura Kvitnu Records
2:29pm Matter   Pressure Paroxysmal Kvitnu Records
Worker/parasite   Justa909 Dr. Sleep Remix Justa909/Squirm Jacktone
2:39pm Controlled Bleeding   Bones Knees and Bones Artoffact