Monotone Heroine

Sunday 13 August 2017 3:01am to 6:01am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01am Shellac   Prayer to God 1000 Hurts Touch and Go Records
3:03am Andy Stott   Cracked
3:09am Crowhurst   Sapling Bleak / Crowhurst Prison Tatt Records
3:21am Bikini Kill   This Is not a Test Bikini Kill/Huggy Bear Kill Rock Stars
3:22am Monocube   Visiones III Rituals, The Malignant Records
3:31am Acid King   War of the Mind III Small Stone Records
3:45am Electric Wizard   Funeralopolis Dopethrone Rise Above
3:52am Shifted   Suspended Inside Under a Single Banner Bed of Nails
3:58am Botanist   Leucadendron Argenteum VI: Flora Flenser
4:10am Anima Nostra   Anima Nostra Atraments Malignant Records
4:12am Hino, Mayuko   Veil of Ignorance s/t Akashic
4:30am Harvestman   The Forest Is Our Temple Music For Megaliths Neurot Recordings
4:30am Rude   Interpretations of The Ultimate Finality Remnants... FDA Rekotz
4:32am Stromboli   Waving Stromboli Maple Death
4:38am Cadaverous Condition   Nosedive (CC vs Nurse With Wound) Destroying the Night Sky Klang Galerie
4:49am Unsustainable Social Condition   De-worlding Conclusion Dispersant Oxen
4:51am Rites of Thy Degringolade   to Toil In The Swamp of Psychosis Totality Bird of Ill Omen Recordings
4:59am Genocide Shrines   Nectars of Tantric Murder Devanation Monumentemples Iron Bonehead Productions
5:11am Skullflower   Feral Alchemy Black Iron That Has Fell From the Stars..., The Nashazphone
5:17am Midnight Mines   Brain Police If You Can't Find a Partner Use a Wooden Chair Mystery Plane Tapes
5:17am Lotus Fucker   The Scroll Was Blank Exithippies/ Lotus Fuckers SPHC
5:22am Melvins   Porg King Buzzo Boner Records
5:26am Clayton, Kit   Untitled Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) Vertical Form
5:36am Nurse With Wound   A Missing Sense Spiral Insana Rotorelief