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Morris Minor

Friday 18 August 2017 7:01pm to 9:59pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:01pm Mudurian, Jack   Enter By Hand - 99 Tracks Downloading the Repertoire Arf Arf Records
7:19pm My Cat Is an Alien & Jean-Marc Montera   Voyage Spacio-sensoriel I (Side One) Union of the Supreme Light Starlight Furniture Co.
7:25pm Havohej   Tungkat Blood Wand Tungkat Blood Wand Hells Headbangers
7:36pm Torske, Bjorn & Prins Thomas   On U Square One Smalltown Supersound
7:42pm Waard, Frans De/Roel Meelkop   Glas 2 Glas Korm Plastics
7:48pm Ektroverde   Older Floralia, Vol. 4 Mizmaze
7:53pm Loachfillet   Somnambulist Synchronisms Electric Pond: Solar Solution Resipiscent Records
8:06pm Cartilage   Half the Man I Used to Be Dialect of The Dead Self Released
8:07pm Masturbatory Dysfunction   Blood Seduction Ritual Botched Facelift / Masturbatory Dysfunction Pet Goat Records, The
8:17pm Tunnel Canary   Jihad (1980) Jihad Rundownsun
8:37pm No Faith   Bleak Numb Hollow No Faith Unknown
8:46pm Glen Or Glenda   Necromania Glen Or Glenda/ Dinosaurs, Baseball & Hopscotch Cupid Is Stupid
9:05pm Helll   Circle Around Your Ears Pi Meenna
9:45pm Tape   Reversed Flames Mort Aux Vaches Staalplaat
9:54pm Leer, Thomas   Back of The Mind 1979 Dark Entries
9:55pm Beranek   Sound of Danger Sound of Danger Dark Entries