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Robert Emmett

Saturday 7 October 2017 9:04am to 12:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:04am Maurice Jarre   Lawrence of Arabia
9:10am Danny Elfman   Red Dragon
9:11am Sherman Brothers   Wonderful World of Color
9:14am Elmer Bernstein   Magnificent 7
9:18am Dave Emory   Reach Out
9:19am The Wonders   Doing that Thing You Do
9:24am Alan Silvestri   Back to The Future
9:28am Jerry Goldsmith   Barnaby Jones
9:29am TV Theme   Maverick
9:34am Randy Edelman   DragonHeart
9:38am Elmer Bernstein   Riverboat TV Theme
9:41am Betty Harris   I'm a Little Teapot
9:43am Daft Punk   Tron Legacy: The Son of Flynn
9:46am Andre Previn   Goodbye Charlie: Malibu and Hurry
9:48am Karen Chandler & James Wakely   Tonight You Belong to Me
9:54am Trevor Morris   London Has Fallen: I'm Not Going to Die on YouTube
9:56am David Newman   Galaxy Quest theme
9:58am The Mummy   Forever may not be long enough for our love
10:01am Bob and Ray   Lupus Barlow Conselor at Law
10:06am Bob and Ray   Squad Car 119
10:10am Johnny Jones   Smoky Bear Song
10:17am Hans J Salter   Hitler: The Conspiracy
10:17am Hans J Salter   Captive Wild Woman
10:19am Harry Gregson Williams   The Borrowers
10:20am John Morris   Clue - Main Theme Alternative 1
10:30am Cool Secret Place   Costume Bank in Los Altos
10:30am J J Johnson   Cleopatra Jones - go chase Cleo
10:43am TV Mystery Theme   The Prisoner
10:43am Brian Tyler   The Mummy (2017)
10:59am John Barry   King Kong - The Opening
11:00am Bill Conti   Masters of the Universe - Skeletor the Destroyer
11:04am Kessler Twins   Together
11:08am Ed Ames   Turn Around
11:11am Steve and Edyie   I Believe in You
11:18am Elvis Presley   Yoga Is
11:20am Peter Gunn   Dixieland Opening and Theme
11:23am Attention Deficit Rock   DoD Freak Out!
11:26am TV Theme   Danger Man
11:26am Warning from Space   Main Theme
11:35am John Williams   Space Camp
11:38am Psychotronix   Space Angel!
11:38am Psychotronix   Trailer Jungle Hell
11:39am Psychotronix   Batman - Eaten by a Clam?
11:42am Psychotronix   S H O U T !
11:46am Danny Elfman   Girl on the Train - Everything is F***ed Up
11:49am TV Theme   Car 54 Where Are You
11:49am Tom Holkenborg   Dark Tower
11:53am Mr Blackwell   Society is Not My Cup of Tea
11:57am Jody Miller   Looking Out My Backdoor