Lord Gravestench

Sunday 8 October 2017 10:01pm to 12:03am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm Suicide Commando   Sheer Horror Critical Stage Synthetic Symphony
10:08pm Private Archive   Private Archive (Dog-Whistle Mix) Honey Aspic Enema Private Archive
10:14pm Ragnar   Airwaves Liquidated Error / Ragnar L.White Records
10:23pm Vidna Obmana   Perversity of Pain No Sacrifice Urashima
10:27pm Sickness   Reverence, Dread and Awe Sickness / Slogun Pacrec
10:34pm Atrax Morgue Featuring Morder Machine   What's a Human? DeathShow Slaughter Productions
10:42pm Architeuthis Dux   Skin Walker Submergence No Part of It
10:45pm Kerasphorus   Locust Nexus Necronaut Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:53pm Bestial Raids   Descending The Thantifaxath Master Satan's Witchery Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:59pm Urethral Defecation   Disfiguring the Child High Human Feelings Ghastly Music
11:03pm Immortal   At The Heart Of Winter At The Heart of Winter Osmose Productions
11:11pm Hellvetron   Abaddon - Wings of Perdition Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties Behold Barbarity
11:15pm Wolfskin   a Nascente De Pureza Campos De Matanca essence music
11:20pm Navicon Torture Techologies   Post-Partem Scenes From The Next Millennium Malignant Records
11:25pm Unclean   Who Are You? Syntiinlankeemus Filth and Violence
11:30pm Alle Sagen Ja   Loyalty The Voice of Bronze Preludes A Song War Office Propaganda
11:35pm Dhampyr   Palatine Light All The Dead Dears War Against Yourself
11:40pm Necrot   Shadows and Light Blood Offerings Tankcrimes
11:44pm Black Whispers   Gloom Shades of Bleakness Prison Tatt Records
11:55pm Joyless   Shadow Spree Without Support Van Records
11:59pm Sharon's Last Party   A Lovely Place Nihil Cold Meat Industry