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Honey Bear

Wednesday 11 October 2017 10:03pm to 2:05am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:03pm Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause   Come Down here
10:06pm Wizdumb   Rock Tha Casbah ( Feat. Leland Jones) Shadows Lo-Flydelity Records
10:10pm Say Bok Gwai   What Kinda Game You Playin? Trio/ Chinese Jesus Edgetone Records
10:17pm UNIT   My Parents Are Dead But I Wish It Was Me Who Had Killed Them Godspunk Volume Eleven Pumf Records
10:22pm Acousma   Civilized Cycle Acousma High Fashion Industries
10:26pm Andrew W.K.   We Want Fun Girls Own Juice Mesmer Detector
10:31pm Devin The Dude   Sticky Green Greatest Hits: Screwed J Pince Entertainment
10:34pm Golden Oriole   The Chrysopoeia of The Trilithon Ass Golden Oriole Drid Machine Records
10:48pm Burn   You Can't Stop Me From The Ashes Bridge Nine
10:48pm Greatful Dad   Fire on the Mtn
10:49pm Necromancy   Amongst My Ruins Ananta Aradhana Psychedelic Lotus Order
10:52pm Molina, Tony   Over Now Confront The Truth Slumberland Records
10:54pm Fire + Ice   The Galdor Runa Fremdheit
11:00pm Farmer Boys, The   Onions, Onions S/T Country Music History
11:01pm Hollow Ran   Ski Thanks Your Welcome Pacific Nature
11:08pm MW Ensemble   Piano Transmission 3 (AM) Music For Piano Transmission Ionik Recordings Company
11:13pm Rebels, The   Wasted Life Misspent Youth Knock Out Records
11:17pm Karate Break   Freedom Frenzy S/T Self Produced
11:19pm DJ Zeph/ DJ Platurn   29 Break Builders Vol.2 Self Produced
11:25pm Mr. Wrong   Witchy Babes In Boyland Water Wing Records
11:30pm Gasp.   Blown Out Second Foul Fuck Mtn. Label Records
11:49pm World Narcosis   Hindra Hindra/ Sira Sirna Why Not?
11:54pm Vektor   Pteropticon Terminal Redux Earache Records
12:01am Remnants   No Room Accomplices Not Allies En Tu Kara
12:03am Brooklyn Raga Massive   Cells 1-8 Terry Riley In C Northern Spy Records
12:14am Tony Molina   Fluff A Benefit for Those Affected by the Ghost Ship Fire Loose Grip
12:16am Machine Listener   Center of Mass Animated Sentient System No Part of It
12:22am No Balls   Second to Win First to Lose Second to Win First to Lose Killedbyanaxe Records
12:38am Washington, Baby   I Don't Know Cotillion Soul 45's Cotillion Records
12:43am Sects   Pretending Fucked Pretending Fucked Oxen
12:47am Prozack Turner   High Enough Feat. Brother Ali Not Everybody Sleeps At Night Hunger Strike
12:53am Inanimate Existence   The Unseen Self Underneath a Melting Sky Artisan Era, The
12:57am +Dog+   Degeneration 1 Diogenes Love Earth Music
1:02am Orcutt, Bill   Over The Rainbow Bill Orcutt Palilalia
1:06am Fucking Invincible   Blessing/curse Fucking Invincible/ Lifespite Bones Brigade
1:07am Boak   Skull Deadbeat/ Boak to Live a Lie
1:11am Proud Father   - Nothing Fun Jouissance Du Rien
1:15am Post Mortem Klinik   HUMAN/FILTH IV Human / Filth Distorted Press
1:23am Rhizome   Coward Demo Transylvanian Tapes
1:23am HOM   Xeremonial A$X Isounderscore
1:31am Dilloway, Aaron   Karaoke With Cal 18th Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival Self Produced
1:38am Khthoniik Cerviiks   Paralaxiis Howls of Ebb/ Khthoniik Ceviiks Iron Bonehead Productions
1:47am Carlton Melton   rememory Hidden Lights Agitated Records