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Robert Emmett

Saturday 14 October 2017 9:02am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:04am Barry Gray   Space 1999
9:06am David Arnold   Shaft - Car Chase
9:10am Robert Cobert   Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
9:13am John Barry   On Her Majesty's Secret Service
9:18am Mario Lanza   Donkey Serenade
9:20am Rupert Gregson Williams   Night we called it a Day - Rat Pack
9:25am Jerry Goldsmith   List of Adrian Messenger
9:31am Tommy Kinsman   That Was the Week That Was
9:35am Basil Poledouris   Switchback - Going West
9:37am Elmer Bernstein   Drango - Love & Justice
9:41am Filmhaus   Psycho accapello
9:46am Bernard Herrmann   Mysterious Island
9:49am Brian Tyler   Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drifting
9:57am Alan Menken   Shaggy Dog - Breaking Through
10:00am TV Theme   Martin
10:00am Danny Elfman   The Flash
10:03am Bob and Ray   Elmer W Litzsinger Spy
10:08am Brian Tyler   Expendables 3 - Art of War
10:10am Trailer   The Cat Creeps
10:11am TV Theme   It Takes a Thief
10:15am Enzo Masetti   Hercules
10:18am Mimas Pleenas   Dating in the Air
10:20am Mimas Pleenas   Alice's Theme
10:27am Cool Secret Place   Souvlaki Greek Skewers
10:28am Jerry Goldsmith   Patton
10:55am TV Mystery Theme   Star Trek: The Next Generation
10:55am Dennis McCarthy   Music from STNG
10:55am JG Thirwell   Scenester Venture Bros Vol.2, The Adult Swim
11:03am Party Animal   Aquarius
11:09am TV Theme   Rat Patrol
11:09am Bill Murray   Star Wars
11:09am TV Theme   Dr Who
11:13am Tom Jones   Thunderball
11:18am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR I Will Follow Him
11:28am Jerry Goldsmith   Cain's Hundred
11:28am Elvis   You're So Square
11:35am Bernard Herrmann   On Dangerous Grounds
11:36am Karla Devito   This Bud's for You
11:36am Dave Clark 5   Can't you see that she's mine
11:39am In the News   Atom Bomb
11:40am Bill Wrobel   Explosion
11:42am Jane Russell   Looking for Trouble
11:47am Danny Elfman   The Circle - Ascension
11:49am Portrait of Jenny   Opening
11:50am Bernard Herrmann   Ghost and Mrs Muir - Poetry
11:54am Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day   Introduction
11:58am Kuklu Fran and Ollie   Go we go again
11:58am TV Theme   Stage 67
11:58am TV Theme   CBS Sunday Morning