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Teachers AIDS

Saturday 14 October 2017 3:00pm to 6:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:03pm Angst Skvadron   Fucking Karma Sweet Poison Agonia
3:08pm Darkthrone   Triumphant Gleam Panzerfaust Moonfog Productions
3:16pm Vidna Obmana   Slow Punishment Till Death No Sacrifice Urashima
3:16pm Hellvetron   Gehinnom - Hellwomb of The Impure Hag Queens Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties Behold Barbarity
3:24pm Eisenlager & Hertz, Jack   Gas Masks Aural Films
3:25pm The Horn   Spell 124 Rituals Of Vindication (Set / The Horn) Christfucker
3:32pm Evil   The Era of Darkness Prevails Pagan Fury 1994-1996 Hexenhammer
3:36pm Necro Cult   Total Annihilation Total Fuckin' Necro: Demos 2007 Nokturnal Transmissions
3:40pm Dilloway, Aaron   Karaoke With Cal 18th Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival Self Produced
3:48pm Glass Coffin   Black Flame Haunted By The Ghosts of The Damned Prison Tatt Records
3:50pm Kunzysteem   Brighter Than Light Godspunk Volume Eleven Pumf Records
3:53pm Virgin's Rape   Black Cunt Altar Repugnante Christfucker
3:59pm Volkermord   Exploitation of Human Tragedy Rusty Axe: Under The Axe Vol.4 Rusty Axe
4:03pm Ophthalamia   Sacrifice In Conspiracy With Satan - A Tribute To Bathory No Fashion
4:04pm Blood Cult   A Cult In Blood We Who Walk Behind the Rows Rusty Axe
4:06pm Aura Noir   The Spiral Sear Deep Tracts of Hell Pataphysique Records
4:12pm Blind Spring   7 7 Manatus Musicus
4:15pm Celtic Frost   Dethroned Emperor Morbid Tales Hymen Records
4:20pm Sjamsoedin   Grapes Bleeps, Beats & Bass - 10 Years of Basserk Records Basserk Records
4:21pm Deathrow   Pledge to Die Raging Steel Noise International
4:26pm Kreator   Death Is Your Savior Pleasure to Kill Combat Records
4:31pm Dekapitator   T.F.S.(Total Fucking Slaughter) We Will Destroy..You Will Obey Blackmetal.Com
4:33pm Death   Killing Spree Spiritual Healing Combat Records
4:39pm Morgoth   Unreal Imagination Cursed Century Media
4:43pm JG Thirwell   Battlestations Venture Bros Vol.2, The Adult Swim
4:43pm Death Angel   Devil's Metal Frolic Through the Park Enigma Records
4:51pm I Roy   Noisy Place Tape Rolling Pressure Sounds
Witch Cross   Rockin' the Night Away Fit For Fight
4:57pm Ambush   Natural Born Killers Firestorm
5:01pm Dust   Suicide Hard Attack - Dust Karma Sutra
5:05pm Crushed Butler   Factory Grime Uncrushed Radio Heartbeat
5:09pm Beresford, Steve / Homler, Anna / Sanderson, Richard   (Encore) Squidget Berlin Toy Bazaar Linear Obsessional Recordings
5:14pm Mortician   Revenge Darkest Day of Horror Torture Garden Pictures Records
5:18pm Coffins   Hellbringer Fleshland, The Relapse Records
5:21pm Death Qualia   Conjoined Ma'nene Mask Surgery II Private Archive
5:22pm Inanimate Existence   In Moonlight I Am Reborn Underneath a Melting Sky Artisan Era, The
5:26pm Emperor   The Eruption Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise
5:31pm +Dog+   The Ghost of The Arnwr Diogenes Love Earth Music
5:35pm Belenos   Par Belenos Spicilege
5:35pm Peymont   Analisi E Distillazione Cibernetica Intervallo
5:42pm Blood Of Kingu   Stronghold Of Megaliths, Thorns And Human Bones De Occulta Philosophia Supernal
5:47pm Forest   The Bolverk Spirit Foredooming the Hope for Eternity Blazebirth Hall
5:52pm Barnes, Jeremy   Ritmi 1 Winter '16 L.M. Dupli-cation
5:54pm Crusty Old Toad   Ghost Pussy Turn People Into Food
5:56pm Unclean   Who Are You? Syntiinlankeemus Filth and Violence