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Monotone Heroine

Wednesday 18 October 2017 2:30pm to 6:02pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:33pm Fugazi   Waiting Room Fugazi Dischord
2:33pm Shellac   Shoe Song 1000 Hurts Touch and Go Records
2:33pm Mr. Wrong   Distraction Babes In Boyland Water Wing Records
2:33pm Y Pants   That's The Way Boys Are Beat It Down Water Wing Records
2:33pm Sonic Youth   Shadow of a Doubt Evol SST Records
2:34pm Gits, the   Second Skin Frenching the Bully C/Z
2:34pm Bikini Kill   Thurston Hears the Who Bikini Kill Kill Rock Stars
2:34pm Darto   Guiding Light Human Giving Aaagoo Records
2:35pm Godchilla   Close to The Beyond-Hypnopolis KFJC Live From The Icelandic Underground KFJC
2:44pm Free Kitten   Oh, Bondage Up Yours Sympathy Records
2:48pm X-Ray Spex   Oh Bondage, Up Yours! Anthology, the Sanctuary
2:51pm Priests   Radiation S/t Sister Polygon Records
2:54pm Be Your Own Pet   Fire Department Summer Sensation Ecstatic Peace!
2:56pm Lightning Bolt   30,000 Monkies Wonderful Rainbow Load Records
3:02pm Godhead Silo   Mr. Pushup Scientific Supercake Kill Rock Stars
3:07pm Rhizome   Wold Stops Turning Demo Transylvanian Tapes
3:10pm Harvest Gulgaltha   Transcend The Wrathful Altars of Devotion Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:14pm Coffins   Into The Coffin (Oppression) Mortuary In Darkness Kreation Records
3:23pm Vastum   3 A.M. In Agony Patricidal Lust 20 Buck Spin
3:29pm Fire + Ice   Hamr Runa Fremdheit
3:33pm Bestial Raids   Darkness Visible Master Satan's Witchery Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:40pm I Hate Thou   Application of Malthusian Principle I Hate Thou/Eyehatethou
3:47pm Black Whispers   Stuck In The Past Ruins Shades of Bleakness Prison Tatt Records
3:55pm Hellvetron   Abaddon - Wings of Perdition Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties Behold Barbarity
4:00pm Thou   The Work Ethic Myth Peasant/To Carry a Stone S
4:04pm Noothgrush   Erode The Person Erode The Person Throne Records
4:15pm Vektor   Ultimate Artificer Terminal Redux Earache Records
4:21pm Acousma   Nothing of Everything Acousma High Fashion Industries
4:26pm Melvins   Bricklebrit Joe Preston Boner Records
4:26pm Metallica   Fight Fire with Fire Ride the Lightning Megaforce Records
4:30pm Inanimate Existence   Underneath a Melting Sky Underneath a Melting Sky Artisan Era, The
4:36pm Dragged Into Sunlight   Boiled Angel/Buried With Leeches Hatred For Mankind Mordgrimm
4:46pm Morthound   Losing Ground Goddess Who Could Make The Ugly World Beautiful, The Cold Meat Industry
4:54pm Deathspell Omega   Abrasive Swirling Murk Drought Season of Mist
4:56pm Graves At Sea   Confession Graves At Sea/Sourvein Seventh Rule Recordings
5:05pm Striborg   In the Eerie Pre-dawn Silence of the Cold Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts Southern Lord Recordings
5:07pm Massgrave   Corporation Mind Control Massgrave/Stormcrow Mangled Ankle Records
5:12pm Boris   Blackout Pink Southern Lord Recordings
5:18pm Swans   Blackout Filth Neutral Records
5:21pm Jesus Lizard, the   Gladiator Liar Touch and Go Records
5:25pm Jesus and Mary Chain, the   Something's Wrong Psychocandy Blanco y Negro
5:31pm HOM   Xeremonial A$X Isounderscore
5:36pm Savage Hymn   Animals V2 La Vida Sigue Igual Dark Entries
5:44pm Nirvana   Scentless Apprentice
5:47pm Nital Etch   Barbara n/a Below The Earth Productions
5:51pm +Dog+   Old Mysteries Diogenes Love Earth Music